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May we not be so attached to “winter” so as to let slip the opportunity to experience the beauty of the transition to “spring”. May we experience the empowering invitation, to walk through the balancing portal called the Equinox.

The pre-dawn symphony often begins with the call of a single lark – the one who feels the dawn coming for all of the others, and strikes the first chord of hope I the forest

And then, slowly, languidly, perhaps even reluctantly, one or two other dwellers rise and join in on support

But, in this really early hour where it is still more dark than light, and the stars are still out along with the almost full moon high in the sky, filtering her light through the tree branches laden with new buds, the symphony often dies after a minute or two, for the heaviness of sleep and the fog of winter weighs heavy….

The songbird bides her time… and waits… and stirs her lungs again after what seems a quarter of an hour… for I am waiting, lying in bed, mostly awake, for the sparks of sound to light up the forest again, and she duly obliges with a serenade which is, this time around, irresistible to the bird village…

A symphony worthy of welcoming the sunrise ensues and the distant church bells join in as if on cue to conjoin the opening of the human world with that of the natural world… and what had once seemed interminable has been yet again declared to be impermanent and transient…

Arise, Awake, declares the Equinox. It is time to transition.

To a season of your choosing. Whatever season calls to you.

To a healing of your choosing. Are not pain and suffering mere calls to healing?

To happiness and joy of your choosing. Will we hear their call in our stillness?

To walk, run, swim, travel… or any activity of our choosing. A call to action based in purpose.

To beliefs, values, and faith of your choosing. What is it that calls to you?

To a life of the living of your choosing. Will we hear the call to Life?

Will you walk through the portal? Will you choose empowerment offered by the Equinox? What will you choose? Will your new or renewed actions reflect your choices?

The time is now.
Choose with courage.
For it takes courage to choose love.
Life and light, hang in the balance.

Sound your call.
Your symphony awaits.
Fill the skies with your song prints…

The Equinox is here to listen. To Empower with love.

Kumud @AjmaniK

Join us Sunday, March 20th 2016 (Equinox – day of equal light), in our weekly conversation on twitter in #spiritchat – to celebrate a journey to empowerment. Hosted by @AjmaniK. Special greetings to all those observing Palm Sunday…

Equinox Empowerment