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The notion of an offering is something that may be given up by an individual in an act of devotion, with or without expectation of return.

The offering that is made with an expectation of return is more an exchange than an offering. Prayers offered in times of trouble can often take on this tone of an exchange with a higher power. “If you do this or that for me or my family or my friend or my community, then I will do this or that”. It is difficult to discern whether the expectation(s) of the offeror matter or not… as long as the offering is made with a joyous heart.

We often hear and read that the offering that is made with no expectation of return is the ideal form of giving. Better yet, when the giver and receiver are both anonymous, the giving and receiving attain the highest good – this is one sure way to greatly reduce, or eliminate expectation (for the offeror) and indebtedness (for the receiver). When done with joy, this type of offering, regardless of its size, produces gratitude in the heart of the giver – for they are grateful for their ability to give.

I am sure that you have met a few people in your life who radiate so much Joy in their being, by their aliveness and zest for Life, that they leave a lasting impression on you. You look forward to meeting them over and over again – you may even go out of your way to create opportunities to connect with them. In most cases, they may even be blissfully unaware and oblivious of the offering of Joy that their presence creates for those around them. These are the people who bring light to a room by simply walking into it…

Maybe you already are one of those people who make the offering of their being in joy. If so, I am in awe of you because you are living your truth and shining your light for many.

Maybe you are one of those people who are trying to rediscover your joy and what you really have to offer to the world. If so, I am equally, if not more so, in awe of you because you are doing the inner work of polishing your mirror. Your joy is under the surface, covered by the dust of the world. It is revealed occasionally as an offering in love, but your past pain and hurt makes you hesitate to fully live your joy and truth. Most of us are perhaps in this partial state of offering our true self to the world. The notion of joy has become ephemeral and transitory to us. We have become waves who have engraved the truth in our waters that we are indeed separate from the ocean. The joy has gone missing in our offerings.

I have good news for you. This temporary lack of Joy does not need to be our Truth any more. In any moment, maybe even in this very moment, we have the ability to wake up in a different world. A world where there is respect for the word, and we recognize that the word is the seed, and that every seed is an involved tree. A world where we make a conscious offering of our words in a spirit of Joy and unshakable inner peace that was given to us at birth. A world where we reclaim our Joy by performing each of our actions as an offering to a Higher love.

Will we reclaim our peace? Will we make an Offering of Joy with every word? Will we plant good seeds for future generations?

It is time to decide and act. The health of the tree of Life depends on us.


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