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We begin the month of July, having benefited from all the reflections on discussion topics related to #energy in the month of June. The first weekend of July celebrates #freedom in the two countries of Canada (Victoria Day) and USA (Independence Day). So, it is perhaps appropriate that we had decided on #freedom to be the theme of #SpiritChat weekly chat topics for this month.

The first chat topic for this month will be “Freedom and Letting GO”. It isn’t that we haven’t talked about #freedom or #LettingGo before – but I do not believe that we have talked about them in conjunction. I imagine that we all have our individual ideas of what #freedom means to us, and conversations and celebrations can help us revise and clarify the importance of #freedom. So, take a moment and stop reading. Consider the questions:

  • What does true #freedom mean to you?
  • How does #freedom manifest in your life?
  • How does personal #freedom affect your sense of responsibility?
  • What is the greatest #freedom – the one that you would not want to give up at any price?

Now that we have clarified our current ideas about #freedom, we can visit with #LettingGO. The idea of ‘letting go’ often creates a sense of loss within us. The ‘sense of loss’ may exist even if we know fully well that ‘letting go’ is the best choice for us. Maybe that is why, when we meet the prospect of ‘letting go’ of some ‘thing’, our instinctual response is to resist. We have tried ‘letting go’ before, but the ‘sense of loss’ that comes in return, is not a good trade. Of course, the ‘thing’ may be any multitude of things – an idea, a relationship, a person, a place, a habit, an emotion, a memory, a perceived virtue, an object of great attachement, and more. It’s all about connection.

The deeper our connection in space and time to the ‘thing’, the tougher it is for us to even entertain the notion of ‘letting go’. The more threads that are woven between us and that ‘thing’, the greater the difficulty in ‘letting go’. So, how do we get to the point where ‘letting go’ becomes a reality for us? One way of getting to that point is when our freedom to live our full life of grand potential is being impacted by our resistance to #lettingGO. This raises a few more questions:

  • When was an instance where you chose #LettingGO to enhance your freedom? What was the result
  • Are you currently in a situation where you are choosing to live with less freedom over #LettingGO?
  • Think of an instance where you helped someone in their #LettingGO process. What did you learn from that?
  • What are some non-physical ‘things’ that you could immediately let go of and gain more freedom?

It is when we unclench our fists and let go of our oh-so-tight grasp of nothingness, that we can let the river flow through our spread-apart fingers and experience the joy of freedom. It is when we uncurl our toes and spread them just a tiny bit, that we can feel the earth send us a message of freedom through our bare feet. It is when we begin to let go of all of that which puts shades on our heart in the summer of our life, that we can celebrate freedom.

I hope I have made a small case for the conjunction of #Freedom and #LettingGO. Make your case by joining us Sunday, July 3rd 2016 at 9amET/1pmUTC on twitter in a #SpiritChat conversation with @AjmaniK and the community.


Kumud @AjmaniK

P.S. I do realize that this may be a big family-holiday-Sunday for many in Canada and USA – if you cannot join us live, we will see you next week with more #Freedom! I invite you to answer some questions posed above in the comments, or reflect on them in your journaling. Namaste.

Neighborhood Fireworks 2016

Fireworks ‘Letting GO’ – Photo by @AjmaniK