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Sleeping in – Will Today’s Journey Even Begin?

It’s Saturday morning and I am half-awake, Lazing in bed, hoping to catch a few extra minutes of sleep before I get going. I know what time it is by looking out the bedroom window at the amount of sunlight reflecting off of the trees laden with leaves. Just to make sure, I flip over the phone. It’s six twenty nine. I really have nowhere to be this morning, and I have already missed the pre-sunrise window’ to ‘sit’. Sleep a bit more, I tell myself. Everyone else in the house is still fast asleep…

Setting Up for the Journey

The next time my eye opens, the phone says it’s five past seven. (No, I do not have a ‘real’ clock in my room. I have tried that, and it made a ‘clock-watcher’ out of me. So, it now sits in the bedside drawer). Now, it’s decision time. I am either going to literally drag myself out of bed and ‘sit’, or… well, there is really no alternative. Today’s journey needs to begin ‘right’. So, in the next few minutes, I am all set up on my favorite handloom-woven mat, my back-pillow and my blanket. One final glance at the phone sets the beginning time for me. It is twelve past seven. I am ready for today’s freedom journey. I begin with a ‘full-body’ relaxation, sitting in a cross-legged pose, grounded.

Energy surge – Sitting up

Grounding is an essential part of this freedom journey. Some days, that comes through physical connection to the earth. Some days, it comes from this current that flows through you. Today, it was both.
I ‘told myself’ to sit up straight as I began, and almost immediately, the energy flow started from the ground up. This ‘double-grounding’ was very welcome, as I had begun today’s journey with a very low physical energy level – sleepy and a bit grumpy – but that was soon to be history. The grounding flow continued. It was as if Mother Earth had opened up a special geyser, just for me – I could tell that this was going to be a special journey. But wait. What’s this? My thought orchestra was also being energized, drawing from this energy boost, Tuning up! What am I supposed to do now? Help! Anyone?

Give me sixty seconds

No sooner had I ‘asked for help’, that the guide appeared. I have done this before, so I knew that a response would be forthcoming. Over time, I have trained myself not to be shy or afraid to ‘ask for help’ when needed. I am among those who no longer believes that I can negotiate all the obstacles on my own, be my own guide. Today, I needed help to ‘tone down’ the orchestra a bit, or at least harmonize the different instruments. “Give me sixty seconds,” – came the response – “of silence uninterrupted by thought.”

Sixty seconds of uninterrupted thought? That’s it. That should be easy peasy. Here we go.

I am not sure how long it took me to string together sixty seconds, but the only way I could do it was to countup to sixty. One thousand one, one thousand two… and so on. One thousand sixty. Well, that didn’t work. Let’s go again. Finally, there was a countup where I did not make it past thirty… I was immersed. Then I seemed to be dissolved . And all that was ‘left’ was my grounded connection to Mother Earth. Aha. Maybe that is why ‘grounding’ is important – so that you can ‘return’.

On the return, among a sense of serene light, I was asked – see what happens when you ask for help, sit still to receive, and give the sixty seconds you are asked for?

Sixty seconds – Reprise

I figured I was all done with today’s journey. But, before I opened my eyes, I wanted to relax out of the journey – slowly. So I did a very slow count – again to sixty – one thousand one, one thousand two, and so on. I tried to slow down the count as much as I could, but finally, there I was. One thousand and sixty. That’s all.

I opened my eyes, searched around me for my phone, flipped it over, and glanced at the time. Twelve minutes past eight.

I had journeyed into freedom for exactly sixty minutes.

Even though I had ‘given away’ sixty seconds when asked, they had been returned to me. As sixty minutes. A pretty good return on investment, don’t you think?

Kumud @AjmaniK

The Story Continues – #SpiritChat Sunday July 10th

The story above is part of my freedom journey for today. Journaled immediately at journey’s end. Mostly unedited. What’s your story? Will you share a bit of it with us? Where did you begin? Where are you now? Whom are you traveling with? Who have you become? Where are you going? What is your biggest distraction? Who or what inspires you to continue? What ‘bridges’ have helped you on the way? If so inclined to share, do join us, Sunday June 10th 2016 at 9amET/1pmUTC in #SpiritChat on twitter. I will host on the topic of “Our Freedom Journey” as we continue the theme of #Freedom for July. Thank you for reading. Peace and love to you and your friends and family. Namaste.

Bridge - Freedom Journey

Bridge in Rocky River Reservation (photo by @AjmaniK)