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I am delighted to introduce Sharon Kathryn D’Agostino as my co-host for our Sunday, August 14th 2016 conversation on twitter in #SpiritChat (9amET/1pmUTC). Please join us so we can explore this beautiful topic that Sharon has chosen for us. Do read her thoughts below, and connect with her through her many empowering projects listed in her brief bio below. Thank you! – @AjmaniK

Choosing Love Over Fear

Every minute of every day, we are faced with choices that shape our lives. There are big choices related to our relationships, our beliefs, our work… and smaller choices (or so they seem) about what we will do with our day, with whom we will speak, how we will invest our time and energy. Our days might look very different if we consistently asked this question: “Am I making this choice from a place of love, or a place of fear?” If we began asking this question throughout the day, we might be surprised by how pervasive fear is in our lives.

A beloved relative recently told me, “The world is a scary place.” I smiled and carefully considered my reply. “I think the world is a beautiful place. And as I talk with you, I think about all the people who love you. Nature loves you. Look at those magnificent trees waving their leaves at you, listen to those birds singing for you. It is true that some people live in genuinely scary places, but you live here. Try not to focus on fear.”

We cannot and should not minimize the fears of those who struggle to survive. Very fortunately, for most of us, this is not our experience. The fears that haunt us are more likely to be fear of failure, of disappointment, of loss, or, surprisingly, of our brilliance that we hide from the world. I LOVE this Marianne Williamson quote “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us.”

As you make decisions today and this week, will you join me in asking this simple question, “Am I making this choice from a place of love, or a place of fear?”

Sharon Kathryn D’Agostino

Bio: I believe in the strength and inherent wisdom of families and communities when they commit to address the opportunities of gender equality, access to education, and financial empowerment of all. In this context, I continue to be a passionate advocate for the health, safety, empowerment, and education of girls, women & children globally.
I believe in the power of love, compassion and kindness, and know that if each of us commits to live these virtues, commits to be grateful, commits to forgive, we can shape a more compassionate world for all.
You can connect with me via Twitter at @SharonDAgostino, @AwakeningTrue and @SayItForwardNow

Blog: http://awakeningyourtrueself.com/blog/