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Memorial Day, the traditional beginning of summer here in the USA, seems like it was a ‘lifetime’ ago. The twelve weeks or so have whizzed by like a summer breeze and we stand at the doorstep of autumn. Some of us may already have made the shift (see last week’s ’back to school’ post) in mind and heart while some may be holding on valiantly to the last threads of summer. And even though we may have done this transition many times before, I find that it useful to reevaluate my commitments for the upcoming season as I move into fall.

Most of us find ourselves playing many roles in the living of our life. Women in particular, have so many ‘boxes to check’ every single day. In general, we stretch ourselves in many different directions. The ‘starcompass’ of our life is rarely ever symmetric, for that is the nature of life itself. What does your starcompass look like? Here is one way to construct it.

Divide your life commitments into eight broad areas. Feel to pick any or all from social, mental, spiritual, physical, financial, emotional and add some of your own. Now, evaluate how much life energy you spend in each area, say on a scale of one to 10. To create the starcompass, think of the eight major points on a compass. Mark the score for the first area, with a point at ‘N’. If the score is a full ’10’, your point would lie at the outer edge of the circle. Next, move to NW, and mark the score for the next area with another point. If the score is ‘5’, your point would be halfway to the periphery of the circle. And so on.


So, what eight areas did you choose to create the ‘starcompass’ with? What do your life’s commitments and corresponding energy investments look like? Are the eight points on your compass equidistant from the center? Is your starcompass symmetric about any particular axis? Do the areas with ‘large energy’ correspond to where you want to be investing that energy? Which areas with ‘low energy’ investments would you want to put more energy into? Is there one particularly ‘overweight’ commitment area that has your ‘starcompass’ to the point of tipping over?

The ‘starcompass’ exercise is only one of many ways to make an evaluation of our commitments. The important thing is to do an evaluation in some way and establish a ‘baseline’ awareness. Then, as we shift our actions through our energy, develop new habits, establish new practices and form new commitments, we can watch our ‘starcompass’ evolve over time. One year from today, we may have twelve monthly ‘starcompass’ drawings. We can lay them side by side and observe our ‘spiritual’ commitments – and maybe even make a ‘flipbook’ of our life… Imagine that!


Kumud @AjmaniK

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