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To speak of the notion of “creative unity” may seem out of time and place on a day (weekend) on which many are engaged in prayer, service, reflection and remembrance of the events of September 11th from fifteen years ago. However, it is when we are greatly challenged, when we are in a literal and figurative struggle between life and death, that our innate sense of strength is reestablished through our sense of unity as a community. For those who were physically present in the USA on that fateful day, this display of unity – visible everywhere you turned – was unmistakable.

But, unity and its display, is often not enough to sustain us as individuals, as communities, as nations. It is a necessary condition, but it is not sufficient. Like everything else that is subject to the vagaries of time and space, that which is brought together and rises with high emotions, can and does get rendered apart and falls when the tide of emotions goes out. The good news is that an event which forges together such intense unity and sense of purpose does reveal that communities are capable of rising together when necessary. We are often not even aware of how strong we are, and our latent strengths are revealed, our resilience is reinforced in times like these.

But why do such events have to happen in the first place? Why is such tragedy and evil even “allowed for” by the energy of a good and loving universe? Why does our healthy inner and outer world get shattered by the diseases of hate, violence and destruction? In the book/essay titled “Creative Unity”, Rabindranath Tagore says:

“The meaning of health comes home to us with painful force when disease disturbs it; since health expresses the unity of the vital functions and is accordingly joyful. Life’s tragedies occur, not to demonstrate their own reality, but to reveal that eternal principle of joy in life, to which they gave a rude shaking”

It may seem like poor consolation, and a heavy price indeed, that we have to allow for tragedies to occur in order for them to reveal that eternal principle of joy in life. And it may all seem like a contradiction in the moments – when we are in the middle of it all – that there can be any possible positive outcome from the tragedy. If anything, personal and societal tragedies can cause suffering that causes a break of harmony between our surroundings and the spirit of unity within us.

So, how do we recover our spirit of unity? How do we restore our sense of Joy? One way to recover our spirit of unity, restore our sense of Joy, is to get creative. The human spirit is not only resilient, but it is very creative too. The ability of the human spirit to creatively transform her energies so as to focus them on the task at hand has been on abundant innumerable times in history. The human spirit does not ever forget that its greatest manifestation is in Reality, Awareness and Joy. Unity promulgated by Harmony is our greatest Truth. The evidence is all around us…

“There is the dancing ring of seasons; the elusive play of lights and shadows, of wind and water; the many-coloured wings of erratic life flitting between birth and death. The importance of these does not lie in their existence as mere facts, but in their language of harmony, the mother-tongue of our own soul, through which they are communicated to us.”
– Tagore

I am sure that we can think of many ways in which to use creativity to restore harmony, to move towards a sense of inner unity in our heart. When we find the unity in our own hearts, it gives us the courage to heal, and in our healing, we reach out and affect the hearts of others around us. Wherever our heart touches the One, in the small or the big, it finds the touch of the infinite – Tagore.

So, let us get creative in our prayer, our service, our reflection, our remembrance, our healing and our loving. Let that be our unified tribute that reaches one and all.



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