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A confluence of eastern (Indian) and western (American) celebrations brings together the Indian ‘festival of lights’ (Deepavali or Diwali on October 30th) and the American ‘harvest season’, of which Halloween (October 31st) is perhaps the most ‘well-known’ event. Our #SpiritChat community is open to celebration, and I daresay that we are adept at celebrating with harmony.

In lieu of the ‘cover post’ today, I share with you a ‘poem’ that I wrote as I was walking last night – I hope it conveys a feeling of celebrating light and harvest for you.

What is this glow
That seeps through overcast skies
On a nearly moonless night
Way past last light

Could it be a harbinger
Of what is to come
A new year so bright
Filled with blessings of health
And prosperity shining bright!

And through the gloom shines
A single star in the North
Unseen it may be tonight

But make no mistake O traveler
Many millennia have seen this transition
The play of shadow and highlight

What is it that lies outside the realm
Of That omniscient, omnipresent, 
Omnipotent in its purity
With purpose divine –
The One That is sought on this darkest night

Light a single candle of Hope
Build the vessel of trust
Fill it with the seeds of belief 
Watch them grow into faith

And when the harvest season comes
The one that you so fervently seek
Will have no choice but to yield
Heavens full of glowing
Starlight, Moonlight and Sunlight

And from that glowing awakening will emerge
Our harmonious celebration –
of the heartlight!

Kumud @AjmaniK

I invite you to join us in this celebration ~ of light, of harvest, or of whatever else you feel like celebrating ~ in our weekly hour on twitter – Sunday, October 30th 2016 at 9amET/1pmPT/6:30pmIndia in #SpiritChat. Namaste.

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