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Some of you may know that I tend to take a lot of photographs with my phone when I am walking the forest. Over time, I have learnt the importance of ‘framing’ the scene properly. Proper framing – and reframing when necessary – often provides better perspective for the photographer. In digital photography, attention to framing is perhaps becoming a lost art because snapshotters feel that they can ‘crop’ or edit out the unwanted parts of the photo later. My proposition is that it is better to slow down, take time to (re)frame the scene properly. Reframing avoids clutter – both in photography and in life situations.

Once we learn to reframe our situation, we allow for FUD to dissipate from out life. What is FUD? Fear. Uncertainty. Doubt. FUD is supplied to us from various sources – sometimes even from those whom we know and trust. They may do it inadvertently, without even knowing that their propensity for FUD is clouding our heart’s viewfinder, and preventing us from seeing what we need to see. They are showing us what they think is ‘beneficial’ for us. They truly do believe that they know what is best for us. As you gather with friends and family over the next few weeks, observe the FUD dispensers. And carry some ‘cleaning cloths’ for those times when the frame gets really dirty…

After the appropriate framing, we may need to adjust our camera’s aperture (opening) to receive the proper amount of light. This setting is also called ‘exposure’. Again, with digital software, we can ‘correct’ the exposure ‘after the fact’, after the photo is taken. But we may save ourselves a lot of unnecessary angst in life if we ‘receive the correct amount of light’ to begin with. Over- or under-exposure to life’s situations often waste our precious mental and spiritual resources to fix the situation ‘after the fact’. We may even have to return to reframing! With proper tools and training, we can learn to receive the appropriate ‘light’ and energy to move to the next step along our path, at the precise time that we need it. Just in time receiving!

So, we have framed properly and received the correct amount of light on our camera’s sensor. What’s next? If we had managed to hold the camera perfectly still, whle having kept proper focus, it may be time to rejoice! Reframing and receiving help us create a joy-filled awareness of time and space. We admit the possibility to recreate a moment of joy every time we reframe a negative situation. We have the potentiality to recreate joy when we open ourselves to new light, and shadows.

In reframing, receiving and rejoicing, we can recognize, reduce and eventually remove the fear, uncertainty and doubt that hold back our spiritual progress.

What situation or relationship can you reframe in your life today? How can you adjust your life’s input filters to receive the proper light and guidance? Are you ready to rejoice, to find joy in the moment, through reframing and receiving? Pause and examine. The answers may perhaps be the best gifts you can give to yourself.



Join us Sunday, December 18th at 9amET/2pmUTC in #SpiritChat on twitter – we will reframe, receive, rejoice and reduce FUD 🙂

Original view of River

Original View of the Rocky River (Fall 2016)

Reframed view of River

Reframed View of the Rocky River (Fall 2016)