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One measure of the ‘health’ of man-made satellites that are orbiting the earth or on missions away from earth is their ability to communicate well with the home planet. When the satellites are communicating well with ground-stations, they are in a proper orientation and alignment. The technical term for this is called ‘attitude’.

There are many reasons that the satellite may lose its proper ‘attitude’. This loss of ‘attitude’ can happen slowly over time as the satellite’s energy producing mechanisms start to malfunction. When detected and diagnosed in time, this loss of ‘attitude’ is often easily corrected. Sometimes, a catastrophic failure in hardware or software can send the satellite spinning wildly. In such a scenario, ‘attitude’ correction to restore stability is much more difficult.

The primary way that stability is restored in satellites is by the GNC system. Guidance. Navigation. Control. One may posit that this makes for a good analogy for restoration of stability in human beings too! It is hard to imagine that any of us have the ‘perfectly positive attitude’ at all times towards other human beings, or even towards our own selves. Am I the only one who needs frequent attitude corrections to restore my inner, spiritual stability?

Maybe we can use the GNC analogy to help us restore stability. Let us consider the first tool, Guidance. When our attitude is declining slowly, we may choose to invoke ‘relaxation’ or ‘mindfulness’ to guide us back to inner stability. If we encounter a sudden, severe loss of attitude due to one of our triggers being pressed, we may need to invoke deeper guidance to recover. What are your ‘rapid spin’ triggers? Who catches you when you suddenly spin out of control? Do you have guidance or guides in place to help you in such situations?

The second tool in GNC is Navigation. Navigation may be internal (programmed into the satellite itself) or external (commands sent by ‘ground control’). Humans are much better than satellites at self-analysis and correcting their internal programming to restore their stability when necessary. Satellites are probably better at accepting and executing stability correction manoeuvers from ‘ground control’ (external sources) as they don’t have an ego (yet) that gets in the way! Our stability would be well served to check our internal navigation regularly. Is our mind, our intellect navigating us more ofthen than the heart? What path is our guidance and navigation leading us to? Is it congruent with our higher and deeper purpose in life?

Which brings us to Control – the third leg of the GNC tool. This is perhaps the toughest thing for us humans (this human anyway!), and our egos to get a good grasp and acceptance of. We often forget some things about control. How much control do we really have in a given situation. When to exert control and when to let go or yield. How to exert the right amount of control to restore and maintain stability. The good news is that we do have much greater control over our ‘inner’ or ‘spiritual’ state than we may realize.

We can get to a state of inner stability, of good alignment and attitude, when we gain mastery over controlling our inner state.


Kumud @AjmaniK

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