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I invite you to join our weekly #SpiritChat conversation on Sunday, February 19th 2017 at 9amET/2pmUTC with a special guest, Joan Kappes. Joan will share with us as co-host, and I am excited to be hosting her in our live weekly hour on twitter. Please join in and share your thoughts in a unique discussion in #SpiritChat to celebrate ‘heart month’ with the founder of #IAmChoosingLove. Do read and enjoy Joan’s post below on ‘making a life-changing choice’. Thank You! – Kumud (@AjmaniK)

I AM Choosing Love – A Life Changing Choice

These times invite us to ‘be’ different. They invite us to look inward to hear the still, small Voice that calls us to ‘be’ Love and choose Love. We may feel the invitation, yet how do we make it ‘real’ in our day to day living?

As a jumping off place, let’s play with four commonly used sentences.  Spend a moment ‘feeling’ the energy contained within each:

  • I want Love
  • I desire Love
  • I intend Love
  • I choose Love

Notice the distinctions?  Each energy offers the potential for expansion and growth.

Today, let’s focus upon the most energetically powerful word of the four, choose/choosing; it has much to offer us as we navigate these topsy turvy days.

choose; choosing – Verb

1. to select from a number of possibilities; pick by preference:

2. to prefer or decide (to do something)

Per the above definition, choosing is a verb, an action word.  It is intentional.  The individual is aware of their choice. 

‘Choosing’, then is the most valuable, proactive tool we possess for answering the invitation to ‘be’ Love.  Via our free choice, we call into being the channel through which Love can flow. 

Enter “I AM Choosing Love.” The four most powerful action words I know.  Simply, yet profoundly, #IAMChoosingLove is an invitation, a life altering awareness, choice (and habit) that no matter the situation, we always have a choice to Love. 

Pragmatically, how do we choose Love?  The answers lie in the following intentional steps: 

Step 1:  Discover the reality that you always have a choice to Love. How? Become familiar with the phrase, ‘I AM Choosing Love’. Plaster it everywhere-on sticky notes, reminders on your phone, your mirrors, your fridge, in your car – everywhere you go. Become so familiar with #IAMChoosingLove that it repeats in your mind over and over, just like a song that gets ‘stuck’ in your head.  Allow it to flow from your heart, into your mind.  In a very short amount of time you will begin noticing countless opportunities for choosing Love!

Step 2:  Focus:  Focus is a required tool, essential for choosing and living a life of Love.

Step 2 contains two steps:

  • Notice the thoughts you are thinking and focused upon regarding the topic or situation at hand, then decide if those thoughts feel either ‘loving’ or ‘fearful’.
  • Actively choose either the love-filled thought or the best thought you can find that feels in the direction of a loving thought.

 Step 3: Use and choose: Use the words (silently and aloud) ‘I AM Choosing Love’ then choose the loving thought or action


  • ‘I AM Choosing Love right now’
  • ‘I have a choice in this situation and I AM Choosing Love’
  • ‘This person is driving me crazy right now, and I have a choice as to how I perceive them. In this moment, ‘I AM Choosing Love’ instead of (fear, anger, self-righteousness, judgement, etc.)
  • ‘I am not feeling very good about myself right now. I could have done this and I should have done that, but instead I AM Choosing Love.  I AM Choosing to Love Me.

The power of #IAMChoosingLove lies in intention and practice.  You are internalizing and creating a transformational habit, so frequency is essential.

These times invite us to look inward to hear the still, small Voice that calls us to ‘be’ Love and choose Love. We can want, desire and intend Love, but the ‘real deal’, the real fun, the real expansion for you and for all of us is to choose Love!  We possess the freedom to choose, so let us choose Love.

– Joan Kappes (@Joan_Kappes on twitter)


About Joan

Joan Kappes is a lover of life and adventure, living each day with joy and intention.  Joan is a certified Life Coach specializing in uncovering limiting beliefs.  She is also a retreat designer and creator of the interactive coaching site, “Come to the Edge Today!” and the online project, #IAMChoosingLove.  Joan is committed to helping people rediscover and reclaim who they really are so they can live their natural life of joy.  Her motto: ‘The destination is great, but it’s the journey we came for…it’s the joy-filled journey that IS life!’  http://cometotheedgetoday.com

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