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I invite you to join our weekly #SpiritChat conversation on Sunday, March 12th 2017 at 9amEDT/1pmUTC with a very special guest, Gloria Wilson (@GrandmaOnDeck on twitter). Gloria will share with us as co-host, in a chat that will honor her love for color, painting, art and more. Gloria is a strong proponent of ‘seniors in social media’, and a long-time supporter of #SpiritChat – it is my distinct honor and privilege to have her be our guest! – Kumud (@AjmaniK)

What’s Color Got to Do with It! 

By Gloria Wilson of From My Brush

I see the beauty of the world and all my surroundings in nature, mind, heart and soul because I see in color. During tough times- losing my husband, spending four and one half months in rehab after an accident, and one year of learning to walk again I began to Color My World.

Trying to find something that would fill my empty hours and workable for my handicap I remember home and my Mother, my first teacher. She would seat her eight children at the large dining room table, give those blank sheets of newspaper print, crayons, and place an object in the middle of the table and say: “Draw what you see.” She also taught us to make do with what we had.

Gathering up my courage and limited knowledge of art, I walked into a neighborhood Store, School Of Folk Art and made a firm statement” I want to learn to paint”. Through the eyes of my instructor I began to see things a little differently. I began to see the petals of flowers, appreciate a sunrise, and the big beautiful blue sky”.

After two bouts of cancer, I began to spend more of my hours practicing my painting skills. It was in a color theory class that I found that color does affect how we feel, how we think, how it affects our emotions, and how others see us. For example: red can represent anger, danger and stop, but red also represents the red rose, flower of love and the heart. A hue of color softens the primary colors and provides individuality, emotions, plants, and dress. The only color I have trouble with is grey, but grey does provide depth when used as shading. When I see grey skies, I smile and am reminded of the quote; “A sunny deposition is far better than a cloudy sky”.

Painting helps me record nature in all its colors and helps me share the color and “share my joy of painting with you. My store name, From My Brush reflects how I see things in color.

Five Questions to ask your Self

  1. Does color affect your emotions?
  2. Does color affect how others see you?
  3. Does color affect your taste?
  4. Does Business and Social Media logos use color effectively?
  5. Is there a “U” in your word Colour?

Gloria Wilson - From My Brush

Gloria Wilson – From My Brush

A Florida Artist Now living in Mt. Juliet Tn. Works in various mediums: watercolor, acrylics, pen & ink and watercolor wash, colored pencil and hand-paints glassware.

Prints of original paintings on note –cards: Etsy Store

Glassware: Gloria Wilson page on Facebook: From My Brush

Custom order Requests for glassware and items for sale: www.basementmarketplace.com

Special Note: Daylight Savings Time begins Sunday, March 12th in the USA – if you do not observe Daylight Savings Time, please note that #SpiritChat will occur one hour EARLY in your time-zone! (check the chat time in your time zone)