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The word, belonging, has occupied my heart and mind space over the past week. Belonging has come into sharper focus as we physically move from one home to another – a transition that was set into motion in early December. With a few keystrokes and signatures, we ‘take possession’ of the new home. In a few weeks, with more keystrokes and signatures, we will ‘give up possession’ of our home of many years.

In the interim, we ‘move’ all our ‘belongings’, or at least some of them, as it is an opportunity for pruning and simplifying. It is also an opportunity to reflect on the question – where do we truly belong? In a world that becomes increaingly mobile, what is the relevance of the ideas of physical ‘ownership’ and ‘belonging’? And how does our mobile lifestyle affect our community relationships and sense of ‘belonging’ – particularly when we move homes or workplaces from one (local) community to another?

Beyond the physical, we can also examine our state of spiritual belonging. Engaging in some word play, the word belonging can be viewed as be-longing or be(long)ing. For some, an inner longing, an awakening, often leads the seeker to seek the path which leads them (back) to where they truly belong. For some, simply being and cultivating observation and introspection, without a sense of longing is enough. Being can simply be an inner awakening to belonging without longing.

As human beings, we have an innate need for community, for togetherness, for physical and spiritual belonging. As we become increasingly mobile, perhaps it is our virutal gatherings on social media that provide us this sense of belonging. Even if we gather and commune for a short period of time, we can build a foundation for virtual belonging, which can provide a sense of continuity in times of physical transients and transition.

While the virutal world has its role(s) to play, in the physical world, I continue to ask – Where do I truly belong? Whom do I belong to? What does my spiritual longing represent? What does the interplay of being, longing and belonging look like in my life? I invite you to gather with the #SpiritChat community and explore some of these questions in our weekly twitter chat – Sunday, March 19th at 9amET / 1pmUTC / 630pmIndia.


Kumud @AjmaniK

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