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The world often encourages us to ‘dream big’. The purported intent is to encourage us to ‘aim for the stars’ so that we can accomplish great things with our lives. In and of itself, the act of dreaming big can give us a good, positive outlook on life. When dreaming leads to action and action leads to higher self expression, it can indeed elevate us and all those connected to us.

In a spiritual context, the act of dreaming big or ‘wishing’ for a particular outcome of our spiritual practice(s) may need to be approached with some introspection. The very act of ‘wishing’ for something can create attachment to the outcome. And such attachment can inhibit true freedom – even if the desired outcome is that of more simplicity in our lives. THe story in the Upanisads talks about how the spider weaves its web from material secreted from within its own body. It literally creates its own world from withn.

The world that the spider creates becomes an enslavement for the spider. It is a complex maze which not only traps its prey, but the spider itself. In some ways, we humans follow a similar pattern. We create a complex world of feelings, judgements and reactions with our own thoughts. Eventually, we are so enslaved by our own thought process, that we yearn, we wish for simplification. For simplicity.

Simplicity can emerge from complexity either voluntarily or involuntarily. Voluntary simplicity can keep our maze of thoughts from becoming overly complex. Simplicity can help us to avoid the death-spiral of self-perpetuative negative reinforcement. Simplicity, when chosen voluntarily, can become the doorway to higher states of inner existence.

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Kumud @AjmaniK