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The time has perhaps never been better, the need has perhaps rarely been greater, the awareness has perhaps never been higher – for us to rediscover our connection to the Earth. The physical planet on which we live is being subjected to changes on a scale that are unprecedented in our generation. While there may be disagreement about how (and what) conclusions to draw from the scientific data at hand, conversations about sustainability, green living, and resource utilization of the Earth are part of the mainstream consciousness.

In this background and context, we celebrate #EarthDay on April 22nd every year. It is an opportunity to create more awareness about the actions that the world community at large can take to renew our commitment to the Earth that has sustained life in various forms over the past few billion years or so. We humans are a mere speck on that timeline as we have been around for (at most) a few million years. Despite our very late entrance to Earth’s life party, we have managed to create quite a significant disruption in her dynamic, haven’t we?

If we are to make a meaningful impact and turn the physical Earth’s ship around and point it in the direction of renewal and growth, one would imagine that we have to take a holistic approach to the problem. We may need to literally dig a bit deeper beyond the surface, and treat the root causes of the Earth’s declining health rather than merely tugging at the weeds. We may need to put our heart – ALL of it – into the process of honoring our Earth from a spiritual perspective.

Of the four ancient Indian scriptures collectively called the Vedas (books of knowledge), an entire book is devoted to the interaction of humans with nature. The physical Earth is referred to as annapurna – she who provides sustenance in a way that makes us whole. The role of the Sun as the provider of heat and light, of the waters as the medium in which life grows, of the air as the transporter of breath, and the fifth (unseen) elements that connects the other four, is elucidated in great detail in this Veda. Hence, the notion of “Spiritual Earth” – That which sustains us on many levels as we traverse our spiritual path while living in our physical bodies.

I am sure that your spiritual references have similar notions of a “Spiritual Earth”. An Earth in which the seeds of beliefs and values were planted with love by the farmers and gardeners who tended to your spiritual upbringing. Let us reflect through some questions… Where is ‘Spiritual Earth’ specifically located for you? What does a connection with ‘Spiritual Earth’ truly mean to you? How was this connection established? How does this connection manifest in your life on a regular basis? How do you ‘repair’ the connection when it feels frayed or broken? How may we celebrate and honor the idea of a ‘Spiritual Earth’? Are there any specific #EarthDay actions that you are taking – individually or as a community – that you would like to share?

Mahatma Gandhi once said – “In a gentle way, we can shake the world”. It is time for us to gently shake our spiritual world, our Earth. What are we waiting for?

Kumud @AjmaniK

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