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The rain of the past two days is taking a breather. I hear the steady, rhythmic beat of water as it drip off of the roof on to the ground. An orange breasted blackbird comes and perches on the wooden stake that is holding up the silt barrier which prevents the backyard from washing into the culvert which leads to the lake.

The father goose is taking his morning swim in the lake as he tries to mark his territory on the waves created by the gusts of wind. There is a stillness of anticipation among the tall trees that are so thick with young leaves that one cannot see more than a dozen rows deep into the forest that is hundreds of feet deep.

It is amazing and often mind-boggling when I think about the amount of energy it must take nature and natural systems to emerge, to transition, to synthesize a lively spring from the apparent deep sleep of winter. I often wonder if such synthesis would be possible, or how it would be affected, if there were widespread conflicts within the natural system itself.

If nature were to be constantly expending energy to be at war with, and within itself, would such a magical transformation and synthesis be able to bring forth such breathtaking beauty with such alacrity and timeliness?

There comes a time in our inner walk when we realize that there may be no more time and energy for us to fritter away. We may begin to ask ourselves about the best way(s) to invest our valuable creative energy and life force.

Are we being drained by being at war within and without? Are we overly invested in idle musings and intellectual gymnastics? Are we going to act now to inculcate the spirit of synthesis within and focus on our walk? Are we ready to put our best and most creative high-quality energy into putting the “P” into our daily practice(s)?

When winter’s work is over, and spring is imminent, there is rarely any force that can stop the energy transformation to support the spirit of synthesis of new life. As humans, we can choose to transform. Better yet, we have an advantage over nature.

We get to choose when our winter is over.

We get to choose our own inner path towards a common heart center.

We get to choose to walk in a spirit of synthesis, to create channels that energize empathy and compassion.

The seeds were planted in us a long time ago. We are perennials. We get to choose when it is time for us to bloom.

Kumud @AjmaniK

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There is one height of truth and there are those who approach from all sides, as many sides as there are radii in a circle, that is to say, by routes of an infinite variety. Let us work, then, with all our strength to arrive at this light of Truth which unites us all. – Leo Tolstoy

The Spirit of Synthesis...

The Spirit of Synthesis… emergence of NEW life on the forest floor and the tall trees – as far as the eye can see!