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At this time of the year, when a change of seasons seems imminent, it is natural to think about transitions in our lives. The notion of transition was brought home to me with great force this week as I found myself stretched thin to support two very close families who were experiencing major transitions of their own. The first was my mentor of twenty five plus years – a father figure of sorts – to whom I found myself saying farewell to. I took along a few of my favorite spiritual books, sat with him, read to him, reminisced a bit about our years, and wished him well on his transition.

The second transition has been more of a roller-coaster ride so far. My ex-neighbor of many years, fighting the battle of his life, who keeps making one remarkable recovery after over the past two weeks. I thought I had said my final farewell to him (in the physical) Friday night, only to find out that he had a good night’s sleep and was sitting up in a hospital chair this morning! It made me wonder, at least for today: how far does the extent of knowledge and expertise of experts and specialists (in medicine) really reach?

So, here I am. Talking to you about life’s stages and transitions. I am truthfully at a loss for words to describe the experiential, first hand observation of the strength that goes beyond the physical. It is one thing to believe in the immense power wielded by the energy dimensions beyond the physical, but quite another to experience it twice within a week. It reminds me of one of my favorite quotes from the Upanishads:

“No mortal lives by the in-coming breath (Pråna) or by the out-going breath (Apåna), but by another on which these two depend” – Katha Upanishad

Why do I use these two examples to talk about transitions? It is perhaps because these two events reminded me to focus on, draw strength from that which lies beyond what our senses inform of us of. We tend to trust what we see, hear, and feel, and the opinions of authority figures, say in fields like medicine. It often takes transition events to inform and educate us, to look beyond our sensory inputs. It is perhaps in transition from one stage to other that science meets spirituality. To parphrase one of the most famous scientific figures of the last century:

“I want to know the thoughts of the divine – the rest are merely details” – Albert Einstein

On my nature walks, as autumn approaches, I am led to ask – where does this seemingly immense amount of energy that it takes to transition one season to another come from? (And yes, I ask that same question in spring too!) In a similar vein, where does the energy that fuels the will to live come from? How do we prepare for the next stage of our storied lives, and to experience the great transition that we refer to as ‘death’ (of the body)? What is the nature of the energy that fuels our transition to the next stage of our spiritual journey?

Kumud @AjmaniK

P.S. I invite you to join all of us in the #SpiritChat community, Sunday September 17th 2017 at 9amET/1pmUTC. We will try and share some light on this subject (with an attitude of lightness). If you cannot join us in the live hour on twitter, I invite you to reflect on the topic and share some of your ‘transition’ experiences. Namaste.

Transition Summer Spring

Flowers in various stages of transition ~ Summer flows into Autumn…

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