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We live in a material world. Our physical actions have consequences in the material world around us. Our speech is heard by others and the words contained therein often have a significant impact on the listener(s). It is said that even our thoughts – which are essentially a finer manifestation of the material – have significant influence on those that ‘feel’ their energy.

It is safe to say that our practice(s) of spirituality, whatever they may be, would perhaps work best if they were to help us become well integrated with the external world that we live in. How much meaningful spiritual progress could I possibly make if my time-commitment to my practice of meditation causes my responsibilities towards my family to unduly suffer? What would my ‘gains’ in the material world (say, financial progress) be truly worth if they came at the cost of a ‘loss’ in my commitment to the pursuit of (inner) peace?

I must be able to extend the wing of spirituality into my material life. Then there is beauty in material proliferation. – Kamlesh Patel

Our commitment(s) to spiritual practice(s) when harmonized with our actions and pursuits in the material world, will serve to yield growth in both areas. Harmony will strengthen both our wings, material and spiritual. Our wings will then synchronize to channel our internal energy to raise us towards our higher purpose in life. Awareness that we need both our wings, material and spiritual, to beat as one, will raise us towards the goal of Oneness.

Kumud @AjmaniK

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