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The stories of the victories of ‘good’ over ‘evil’ are perhaps as old as the written word or even human memory. During the ‘holiday season’ in India, stories of the celebration of ‘goodness’ abound. The all-conquering nature of the Goddess (Durga), the ‘educational’ goodness bestowed by the Goddess (Saraswati), the benediction of prosperity from the Goddess (Lakshmi), the battle fought for ‘truth and justice’ fought by Rama, and many more are described in the Indian pantheon.

As I look back, I am grateful that I grew up hearing about the meritorious nature of taking time to invite the ‘good’ into our living. I am discovering that a re-commitment to a remembrance of the prevailing nature of ‘good’ is necessary, if not essential to live goodness. Remembrance of our, and others’ innate ‘goodness’ tends to focus our energy on that which is permanent and truly important. When we focus our energy on goodness, it brings us face to face with living our truth.

Of course, we cannot live our goodness in isolation, in ignorance of what is often referred to as the ‘reality’ of the world. ‘Reality’ (or is it really ‘illusion’?) often submerges us into living everything but our ‘goodness’. We start to live our angers, our judgements, our disappointments, our failings, our dark spaces, our excessive pursuits and goals (even of goodness!), our insensitivities, our illnesses, and even our ‘death’. And when we have had enough of such ‘living’, when we are gasping for a breath of goodness, what can we do?

We can remember those who have made a positive impact on our life. We can celebrate the words of kindness that steered us towards our own inner strength. We can honor those mentors who invested their considerable heart energy into the fledgeling seedling that we once were. What more could we do?

If and when we are strong enough, we could pull those who are gasping for a breath of goodness out of the waters and bring them ashore. We could then share our stories of the victories of ‘good’ over ‘evil’, of learning how to swim in goodness, ride the uplifting waves (or the thermals). We could empower them to involve towards, and live their innate goodness.

And those would be some things truly worth celebrating in any season – don’t you think?

Kumud @AjmaniK

P.S. Join us in #SpiritChat on twitter – Sunday October 15th at 9amET/1pmUTC. We will gather to talk about “living, remembering, invoking and celebrating #goodness”. I will bring some fruit and cookies – and of course some good tea! Namaste. (October 18th/19th is the ‘Deepawali Festival of Lights’ – a culmination (of sorts) of the Indian festival season celebrating the ‘victory of goodness’ :))

Living Goodness at Deepawali

“Inviting Goodness” – Festival Art during a celebration at a friend’s home…

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