The Spirit of Inner Light

by Elisa Balabram

Happy Diwali! As the Festival of Lights is celebrated, let’s take a moment this Sunday to reflect on our Inner Light.

The light that makes us who we are.

The light we share with ourselves and others.

The light we, knowingly or unknowingly, choose to dim at times.

The light that lights our shadows.

The light that keeps us alive.

The light that may shine brighter when we feel joyful.

The light that may dim when we feel sad.

The light we see in each other.

The light we see or ignore within ourselves.

The light that represents our uniqueness.

The light that never blinds and always illuminates.

The light.

My light. Your light. Our light.

– Elisa Balabram (@womenandbiz)

Please join my good friend and community member, Elisa Balabram (@womenandbiz) as she steps up to host our weekly #spiritchat on twitter – Sunday, October 22nd at 9amET – share your light! Thank you! – Kumud @AjmaniK

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