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The metaphor of traveling is often used to describe our passage through daily living, and our lives in general. Some folks take naturally to traveling, and even have a strong affinity and liking to it, while others are more ‘meh’ about the whole idea. Regardless of our preferences for travel itself, our experiences have taught us that ‘traveling light’ is much easier than traveling with ‘excess baggage’.

In the life-metaphor context, traveling light takes much practice. A lot of it. We tend to accumulate, to collect, to even hoard things like feelings, experiences, judgements, rejections and much more. Every so often, even on a single day that might have started off on a ‘light-hearted’ and upbeat mode for us, we find ourselves ‘weighed down’ by the end of the day. Sometimes we barely reach mid-morning and we are already ‘traveling heavy’. Have you ever had this experience? Have you ever wondered why?

It is easy to assign blame to the external world when we feel ‘weighed down’. Then again, the world is relatively agnostic to our inner state, i.e. our traveling preferences. The outer world provides us with all kinds of opportunities – both positive and negative – that can help us subtract from or add to our cumulative traveling weight. For example, the choice to take a short, brisk walk outside at some point in our day is as much available to most of us, as is the choice not to take that walk. In this case, our choice will determine whether we lighten our load or not.

What are some other daily life choices that can ehlp us lighten our load and travel light? Here are a few choices to consider…

1. Invoke Joy. When the world begins to weigh heavy on us with its demands, we can remind ourselves to invoke Joy in our heart. “I choose to do this with Joy” can instantly lighten our load.

2. Grow your Peace. When the world swamps us with its heaviness through discord and dissonance, we can choose to continue to plant seeds of peace within. This is where our commitment to our daily (spiritual) practice(s) can play a significant part.

3. Observe your patterns. Our thoughts, our food intake, our media consumption, our spending habits and more. They can all reveal the ‘traveling habits’ of our lives. Are our patterns trending towards increasing or decreasing complexity? Heaviness or Lightness?

4. Choose your energy footprint. Are we brightening or darkening the space that we enter? Does our presence weigh heavy or light on those we connect with on a daily basis? A quick self-check of our heart-state can often inform us if it is light or heavy. Rest assured that it is that very heart-state that becomes our energy footprint.

I am sure that you can think of many more choices that put you in a ‘light’ state of travel. The more aware we are of these choices, the better our odds of ‘traveling light’. And when we choose to travel light, those around us appreciate us more, we enjoy the journey more, and we arrive rested and relaxed!

Namaste, and happy travels!

Kumud @AjmaniK

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Traveling light‘Traveling Light’ on a walk through the local Metroparks…