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What is my foremost passion in life right now?

Some of us can instantly answer that question. Others may need some reflection to arrive at an answer. Regardless of which category you may find yourself in, it may be useful to try and define the word…

passion: a strong or barely controlled emotion… a state or outburst of strong emotion

The thesaurus suggests some synonyms as fervor, ardor, enthusiasm, fieriness, zeal, spiritedness and fanaticism. It seems clear that our passion, whatever it may be, has the ability to connect us to a relatively high state of energy, action, and emotion. Passion also has the ability to bring us to the edge of, the tipping point of energetic balance in our lives, and leave us there. It can almost seem like the edge of a precipice on our journey.

Whether we go towards higher plateaus in life or fall off the precipice, perhaps depends on our ability to remain focused on our purpose. We have a choice. We can use the energy of our passion to lead us towards the higher ground of compassion. Or we can let the strong emotion of unbridled passion lead us towards anger. We are all familiar with what compassion can produce. So, let us examine what anger creates…

Anger creates a state that steals our Joy. It is like the autumn wind that makes the garden barren. When Joy leaves, we lose perspective. We tend to find ourselves in inner turmoil, as we find that peace is departing too. Anger fueled by frustration, lack of control, leads the passion train. Joy and Peace follow the anger engine. And before we know it, our entire inner emotional train has derailed. The casualties are many.

So, how do we position ourselves so that, at the edge of the emotional passion precipice, we can move towards compassion instead of anger? I believe that it is through practice. With observation comes learning. Repeated and regular observation of our passion(s) and their propensity can become our personal practice. With practice, we can learn how to turn the energy of passion — away from the feelings of unfulfillment, undeservedness, unlovedness, and their likes.

In that great turning away from the precipice, we can then use passion to walk our path of purpose, upwards towards the summit, with joy in every step. And before we know it, the nature’s justice will have returned our gardens and valleys to spring-like bloom. Passion would have then produced three things worthy of celebration – Peace. Peace. Peace.


Kumud @AjmaniK

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