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Some say that time is just an illusion. It is something that we humans have ‘created’ so that the world operates in some semblance of order. It is hard to imagine the chaos that would result if we were to abandon the concept of time in the external world…

And that is perhaps why the idea of a “New Year” raises so many possibilities in our heart, mind and spirit…

The New Year is a great opportunity for us, if we choose it to be so, “to wipe the slate clean”. There is a certain sense of “forgiveness in the air” around this time of the year. There is a certain sense of freedom, an allowedness that we give ourselves, to walk the path of reinvention. So, how may one prepare for this “reinvention walk”? What “practices” or “habits” may we need to add, subtract or even reestablish to make our reinventiona walk “successful”? Where may we look for the support and tools that will sustain our reinvention?

The first step is preparation. Preparation can begin with evaluation. Maybe we can make a list, a review, of the top ten “accomplishments” of the past year. Accomplishments would be actions, events or habits that raised our inner energetic vibration, increased our inner state of cleanliness, helped our heart’s light shine brighter. It could be a single action or a group of sustained actions that created a new habit that we can take forward with us. Let us look at ourselves with kind eyes as we evaluate. It is good preparation for the next step. One of my accomplishments this year was to do an end-of-the-year physical exam, and take charge of my health. How about you?

The second step is renewal. As we evaluate, we may become aware of those actions, events and habits that either increase or decrease our heart’s energy level. This awareness can help us identify our “positive” and “negative” energy triggers. In this step, we may also rediscover some of four previously beneficial habits that “fell by the wayside” due to lack of practice. For me, daily walking in nature was one habit from 2016 that suffered in 2017. I am aiming to “renew” this “positive energy” trigger in the upcoming year. How about you? What triggers are you going to reinforce? Which ones are you ready to discard? Which “old” habits are you going to bring back and renew?

The third step is connection. Our first two steps of (self)evaluation and renewal can be energetically facilitated those who are positively vested in our reinvention. The spirit of the sangha, of (re)connection, is elevated within us by our friends, our families, our coaches, our communities. We may posit that we walk the fastest on our reinvention path when we walk alone. That may indeed be true. But even in our solitude, our solitary walk, we are connected.

We are sustained by the earth that holds us gently, the wind that breathes life into us, the waters that grow the seed, the great sky that inspires us, and the light of the suns, moons and stars that guides us. They are our sangha. Connection of the heart, with their heart, through our heart, connects us to the sangha. Will we recommit to create time and space in our daily practice to connect with heart-filling energy? What could be bring forward from our evaluation step to broaden our practice of daily, inner (re)connection? How could we work with our awareness from the renewal step to deepen our (re)connection?

Preparation. Renewal. Connection. In my heart, this adds up to ReInvention. The choice is given us, to avail the simple math, to reinvent ourselves – not just at the threshold of a new year, but at the threshold of every dawn. May we pause, reflect and choose with the freedom that true awareness, mindfulness, kindness and love that flows in our heart in this present moment.


Kumud @AjmaniK

P.S. We will bring in the New Year of 2018 with reinvention in our final chat of 2017 – Sunday, December 31st 2017 at 9amET/2pmUTC on twitter. Please join us! Thank you for all your support of the community, our virtual sangha in 2017. How would you reinvent #SpiritChat in 2018? If you have ideas or suggestions, please share in the comments. Namaste – Kumud.

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