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What is the greatest opportunity available to me, as a human being having a spiritual experience?

This question has been filtering through my heart over the past week or so. So, let me share with you.

Is it the opportunity to discover our own truth? The Truth? Is there such a thing as a personal truth that is separate or distinct from a higher, universal Truth?

Is it the opportunity to develop a practice that elevates us to a higher state of Awareness? What may this state look and feel like to us? How may we discern if we are moving towards it or away from it?

Is it the opportunity to achieve, discover or uncover our (original) state of (semi) permanent peace, joy and bliss? We have all had transitional forays into such a state, haven’t we?

There are possibily more “greater” opportunities (other than the three listed above) that you can think of. I have to admit that the answer to my original question unfolded for me in the form of the three.

The opportunity for Truth, also known as Sat.

The opportunity for Awareness, also known as Chitta.

The opportunity for Bliss, also known as Ananda.

Sat, Chitta and Ananda. The three opportunities can merge into One.

On the path of truth, our awareness raises us towards bliss.

We can avail this greatest opportunity through our discerning actions – to become, or rather (re)discover our state of Oneness – also known as Satchittananda.

So, I invite you to reflect, and then share your answer to the question:

What is the greatest opportunity available to you, as a human being having a spiritual experience?


Kumud @AjmaniK

P.S. We invite you to join us to discuss ‘Spirit and Opportunity’ – Sunday, February 2nd 2018 at 9amET/2pmUTC on twitter. Namaste, and thank you!

And no, the fact that two of the most successful rovers launched to explore the surface of Mars were called Spirit and Opportunity. Go figure!

NASA Mars Rover
An artist’s concept portrays a NASA Mars Exploration Rover on the surface of Mars. Rovers Opportunity and Spirit were launched a few weeks apart in 2003 and landed in January 2004 at two sites on Mars. Each rover was built with the mobility and toolkit to function as a robotic geologist.