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It isn’t very often these days that I sleep much past first light. My mental clock is set to wake me up around 6am on most days, and I often switch off my 6am alarm at 5:59am. The one exception seems to be Saturday mornings, when I often tend to get an extra hour of sleep…

Such was the case this morning where my wake up call (at 7:15am) was the sound of migrating geese arriving in the open field and lake by my house. I have noticed over time that their arrivals usually coincides with sunrise, or just after. I checked while writing this post… sunrise today at my location was 7:08am. The forest behind my home at that hour was virtually invisible – fogged over by the cold front that crept in during the night…

Our mental and spiritual fog usually descends on us in a similar way. Silently, quietly, surreptitiously, as our inner temperature changes with respect to, and often in response to, the outer stimulus of life, a mist descends. The quicker our inner environmental change (due to sudden loss, trauma, pain, or any extreme emotion, even happiness), the greater the thickness of the fog seems to be.

The result of inner fog is that we may be forced to seek clarity. We may need to pause on the path, for we are unable to see the forest for the trees. If we don’t take some action, any action, the inner fog may keep thickening, to the point that we are unable to see the hand in front of our face. Now, we are at a complete inner standstill. Some call this a mental or nervous or spiritual breakdown.

So, what can we do on a regular basis, so that we do not come to a complete standstill? We know that the rising sun is nature’s answer to burn off the fog. So, what would be the equivalent of the “rising sun” for us to resolve our inner fog? But sometimes, nature needs our help, particularly when fog is converted to smog. The solution may lie in “clean(er) living”, so that we are in harmony with nature, instead of (temperature) conflict…

In the book, “Better Brain Solution”, Steven Malsey suggests three pro-active things we can do for better mental health. I share them with you, as they seem like “common sense” approaches that can help us improve spiritual clarity.

  1. Better nutrition
  2. – Choose to eat better. Yes, I joke a lot about “cookies” in #SpiritChat – let us talk about “better” cookies. Oatmeal, anyone?! Or do we need to totally ditch the cookeis?! Better Nutrition. More Clarity.

  3. Better exercise
  4. – No, we don’t need to become Olympic athletes. It may be as simple as a choice to get moving. Most of us move a lot less during the day than we think we do. This is where technology can help us. Regular reminders like “it is time to stand” have created a new awareness about moving for me. Better Movement. More Clarity.

  5. Better stress management
  6. – This is third leg of the Clarity stool. It is often in disrepair, and perhaps the most neglected part of our Clarity strategy. This is where the “fog rolls in” and we come to a standstill. The good news is that better nutrition and exercise contribute to lowering stress! Add a daily, non-negotiable meditation practice to the mix, and watch clarity appear. Better Stress. More Clarity!

What do you think? Have you experienced periods of mental and spiritual fog? How do you prevent regular occurrences of fogginess? How do you “lift the fog” when it descends on you? What are your sources and resources for Better Clarity? Which of the three areas mentioned above do you need to work on NOW?!

Kumud @AjmaniK

P.S. I invite you to join us to discuss ‘A New Clarity’ – Sunday, February 25th 2018 at 9amET/2pmUTC on twitter. Namaste, and thank you, for contributing your ideas for clarity to the #SpiritChat community -Kumud

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