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In every season, every change of season, there is the opportunity for us to indulge in, and with, nature’s playful spirit. Her propensity towards play seems to be particularly energetic in transitions to spring and autumn as the rate of change is greater than in the transition to winter and summer.

The other times that invite us to play are the daily sunrises and sunsets, when the interludes of light and shadows weave an irresistible harmony for us to dance to. The temperature changes during these transitions also create opportunities to play, to observe the effect the onset of warmth and coldness on the flora and fauna that surrounds us.

And so it goes with the Earth and her various elements that constitute external nature. But what about the play that we can indulge in, with our internal nature? What is the opportunity for play provided by our ‘inner earth’ – the playground in which we experience a deep grounding, that field of contentment which lies beyond mere happiness?

It is that “inner earth”, and her invitation to play, that has the possibility to create the lightness of heart that all play is designed to create. The energy of “inner play” creates long-term benefits for us when it inspires us towards good actions. By indulging in creative inner play, our good actions will eventually influence our minds to think better thoughts, which will lead to even better actions.

So, I invite you to accept the invitation to step onto your “inner earth’s” playground on this Earth Day. It is perhaps time to honor That friend who knocks on the heart’s door and asks – so you want to come inside and play?



P.S. Like it was for many of you, she was my first play companion. Today, I will hug the earth to honor all that she taught me about the simplicity of play. It would have been her 75th birthday… Thank you, Mom!