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The memories of those who have played a “father” like role in our lives are as diverse as the people that have played those roles. It is often that our “birth” fathers may only play a peripheral in our daily lives. However, this is not to diminish the impact that their walk, their beliefs and their heart may have had on us – whether it may have been positive or otherwise.

Father’s Day Arrives

As Father’s Day arrives in the middle of June every year (in the USA), my thoughts often turn to all those “fathers” who had an impact on my life’s path. My “birth” Dad, who was always referred to a “Papa”. My “Uncle” in India, whom I spent the better part of fourteen years growing up with. My “Uncle” in the USA, who took over the role from his brother once I moved here. There was a short, five-year period of time when all three of them had an equally strong influence on me. I like to think of those as my “golden years”.

With the passing of each one of them, I was left with a unique legacy. When Papa passed over two decades ago, I believe that I inherited his love for solitude and silence. I also inherited his love for word economy – maybe that is why I took to twitter like birds take to flight. By the time it was my Uncle’s turn, I already had a living inheritance. His dedication to daily spiritual practice and love of celebrating festivals with deep devotion had created a deep space in my heart. And finally, my Uncle in the USA left me with the tools and the values that I would need to succeed at integrating my Eastern roots into a Western world.

Trusting Our Own Path

This is not to say that I never had any disagreements with my “fathers”. Or that they had any hesitation to set me on the heart’s path as and when necessary. In every major life-decision or life-event that I can remember, their imprint on my heart still remains clear. My fathers, with their example, taught me to trust myself, trust my path, and walk gently, quietly, with a smile. I am grateful for their combined triple-legacy, of which I am a unique beneficiary.

I recognize that my situation with respect to my “fathers” is unique. In fact, some of you may have not been as fortunate as me with respect to your relationships and experiences with your father’s heart. If that it is indeed the case, I can imagine that you may not have much, if anything, to celebrate on this Father’s Day. It is perhaps an opportunity for healing rather than celebrating. Or perhaps it is an opportunity to choose to evoke and invoke the heart of our universal, spiritual “father”. The One who, in concert with the universal “mother”, is always energizing us with love and light to illuminate our walk on our heart’s own path.


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Walking our Fathers HeartPathPhoto: Walking an ancient HeartPath – part of the Rocky River Reservation…