The law of cause and effect fascinates us as soon as we gain some awareness of our own self. The infant cries and the mother rushes to feed them. The toddler spills a cup of milk and watches for the effect in the reaction of the parents. The pre-schooler refuses to go to sleep unless the parent reads them a story.

And so it seems that cause and effect plays a significant role in our lives. As physical beings composed of matter and energy, we are seemingly bound by this law. The equivalence and interchangeability of matter and energy was proposed by Einstein, and is a consequence of the symmetry of space and time. In simpler terms, one may have heard of the effect of a butterfly flapping its wings off of an island in the far east on the weather in North America!

I learnt about the law of cause and effect very quickly in all my attempts to do water-related activities, despite my lack of proficiency (to put it kindly) in swimming. On a white-water rafting trip in West Virginia, I launched myself into a raging river off a rock that a bunch of my friends were jumping off of. I was carried about a mile downstream, before a bend in the river allowed the guide in the kayak to drag me to shore. The effect was that they kept me in the middle of the boat, surrounded byguides and fellow grad students for the rest of the trip.

More than twenty years later, after several attempts at snorkeling in the Pacific (well worth it) and the Caribbean (that ended quickly), navigating a cenote in Mexico seemed to have finally taught me about how to stop fighting my way through cause and effect. The pointer came from a Shaman who taught me the power of “asking for permission” before taking action. Into the crystal clear cenote I went, asking permisson to float with cause and effect rather than fight it.

And float I did. There can often be much lightness, joy and light – in floating rather than fighting. In our greater awareness and acknowledgement of the role of cause and effect, we can be at peace with our actions. In recognizing that we are more than physical beings of interchangeable matter and energy, and connecting with our spiritual energy, we can even rise beyond cause and effect. How so?

We can choose to disengage from the low-frequency turbulence of daily life, and replace it with the high-frequency energy provided by meditation. And perhaps, that is what our chosen spiritual practice(s) can eventually do for us – connect us to the energy of the One that is beyond cause and effect.


Kumud @AjmaniK

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Rocky river cause effect
The Rocky River Reservation – Cause and Effect in full flow…