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Some days, light chooses us. On other days, our choices lead to light.

It was one of those Friday mornings when I would have rather rolled over than rolled out. After a cold, wet autumn day when it seemed to have rained, monsoon like, all day and night long, the birds in the backyard woods were silent as summer sheep grazing on a meadow. From the corner of a half-opened eye, I could tell, even amid the pre-dawn darkness, that the cloud cover was still heavy outside.

And yet, reluctantly, I did roll out, for the morning hour called to meditation and the routine of school and work. But I was determined to get that haircut before I got to work today. And so, I made a seemingly innocuous choice of stopping at the neighborhood “Barber Shop” instead of the national chain I usually stop at to get sheared every other month or so.

At first, I thought I had made the wrong choice. The lady hair-dresser was already busy, and the other employee, who looked seemed engrossed with a tablet-like device. My choice was validated though, as soon as he put away his ‘device’ and greeted me with a smile as broad as the the sunshine still hiding beyond the clouds outside. Over the next twenty minutes, my propensity towards asking questions led to me finding out that his daughter just got an internship at NASA, that he had just moved into the neighborhood with his family, that he was studying to be a nurse, and that he would have loved to be an aerospace engineer!

My seemingly innocuous choice to try something different had led to the brightening of the morning. It was like the day had been turned inside out, and I was now fully awake to the possibilities of the rest of this still rainy day. Except that it did not feel cold, dank and dreary any more. I had walked into the company of one of those people who radiate so much light just by being who they are – open-hearted fountains living life to make other people’s life brighter. They are like the cool side of the pillow that is within your reach – you just have to choose to flip it over.

So, what does all this have to spirituality? Thank you for wondering, for asking. I propose that it isn’t always our BIG choices that lead us to light. Sometimes, if not often, it is our choice to make different small, everyday choices that create light for us. Serendipity that brings unexpected joy and restores our faith in the goodness of human beings and the human spirit, is often a product of small, simple choices.

Even if that choice is to walk into the local barber shop that you have been driving by for months and let an ex-football-player who still holds the dream of building a kit airplane some day after he has put his four kids through college.

Who knows? You may get the best haircut you have had for a while. And, your heart will be so full of light that you can’t help but share it with all who ask – what’s with YOU today?!

I don’t know. Maybe I’m just excited to celebrate all those who make (new) choices to create light. Or maybe I’m just excited to celebrate the annual Indian ‘festival of lights’ (Diwali) this week. I have a feeling that it’s going to be a great celebration of light, of the victory of truth and goodness.

Join me. Choose light. Celebrate.

Kumud @AjmaniK

Diwali - Choosing LightChoosing and Celebrating Light…

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