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The Spirit of Curiosityby Christy Johnson

Recently I had yet another conversation about how radical it was for me to quit engineering to start an energy healing practice, which made me curious about the differences and similarities between my two professions. After all, if my soul embraced both for me as part of who I was and who I was becoming, are they that incompatible?

Science and Spirituality

My musings led me to realize that spirituality and the forefront of science both spring from unconventional thought and result in new awareness. We may perceive science and engineering as solid, knowledge-based, and quantifiable. Yet while science pertains to what is already known it also explores what is unknown and uncharted, inviting us to be curious about possibilities and to let go of old certainties and beliefs. Both science and spirituality help us expandour understanding via curiosity.

Curiosity and Serendipity

I realized they also both have an element of serendipity.  An extraordinary shift happens when we surrender to divine timing and divine intelligence, curious to see what might occur beyond our own limited imagination. The discovery of penicillin is a prime example of this considering what revealed itself was not part of the original experimental design. Surrendering with curiosity leads us to truth.


Children arrive on the planet naturally curious. They come from a place of awe and wonder which happens also to be where spirituality arises. When we tap into curiosity, we can connect more deeply with nature, our selves, and others because we’ve released judgment and have embraced being present.

Engaging Curiosity

Returning to my own life, asking what, why, and how questions in the Akashic Records soul database or seeking a supportive Jin Shin Jyutsu flow for clients leverages my curiosity just as it did when I used to use transmission electron microscopes to investigate why computer chips failed. Why do I see this and not that? What does this finding mean? How do we explain and resolve our thorniest problems?


Now my curious mind is engaged and more questions arise. What happens when we approach spirituality, and even life, with curiosity? What happens when we move beyond expectations and beliefs? What happens when we start asking questions instead of making statements? What’s the connection between curiosity and creativity? What relationship does curiosity have to healthy relationships, intelligence, and even longevity? How do we restore our curiosity? What hampers it? What is possible?


Please join us this Sunday, January 6th, 2019 at 9 A.M. EDT/7:30 P.M. India in #SpiritChat on Twitter, as we explore The Spirit of Curiosity. Please come to connect, learn, and share how you welcome curiosity into your outlook and your life. What magic might happen when spend an hour being curious together?

– Christy Johnson (@IntuitiveHeal on Twitter)

Host Bio: Dr. Christy Johnson quit her decades-long engineering career in 2010 to open her own integrative energy healing practice. She helps clients create love and compassion inthe relationships with themselves and others via soul level information, energy healing, and empowering self-help tools. You can connect with her via her website www.intuitiveheal.com , on Twitter @IntuitiveHeal and on her new YouTube channel.