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Spiritual Reverence – by Dr. Christy Johnson

Dictionary.com defines reverence as “a feeling or attitude of deep respect tinged with awe; veneration.” When we revere ourselves, our loved ones, our experiences, and what we sense with our five senses, even just a little, the world rises to meet us in a new way. Reverence is like gratitude magnified by divine grace. Gratitude allows us to notice, appreciate, and then more easily notice and appreciate, all the goodness we experience. Reverence lifts this to another level, by opening our hearts to the heavens, to the mystery of the universe, and to allowing ourselves to be stunned and awestruck. In reverence, we worship and transcend.

Nature can invoke reverence. My family visited Grand Canyon when I was a young girl and the magnitude and beauty stunned me, opening my heart forever to something unfathomable prior to the experience. Likewise I remember standing near Niagara Falls as a child, feeling amazed and awestruck. Luckily by remembering these transcendent moments we can access reverence whenever we want.

Imagine shifting from resistance to reverence. I often hear people, and even myself sometimes, say, “I’m so done with this. This has to go,” when referring to one
pattern or another in their lives. Intellectually we understand wanting to be rid of something makes it stick like Velcro but another part of us believes if we push it away hard enough, we’ll dislodge it for good. What might happen if we could revere our patterns? If we could deeply appreciate and be stunned by how perfect they are for us, how aligned they are for our growth and evolution, how we are fundamentally good and whole, perhaps we’d be reborn in our own beauty and soul level perfection.

Please join us this Sunday, October 27th, 2019 at 9 A.M. EDT/6:30 P.M. India, as we open our hearts to discuss and invite feeling reverent. During this hour, let’s uplift our community Twitter feed by revering one another, our lives, our connections, and our own tender and resilient hearts. As Rumi says, “Only from your heart can you touch the sky.” Let’s touch the sky together.

Dr. Christy Johnson quit a decades-long engineering career in 2010 to open her integrative energy healing practice. She helps clients relieve and soothe the pain of life’s challenges while embracing their authenticity and joy via soul level insights and energy healing. You can connect with her via her website www.intuitiveheal.com or on Twitter @IntuitiveHeal .

P. S. Join our special guest host Dr Christy Johnson as she steps up to host our weekly twitter chat (Sunday Oct 27 at 9amET in #spiritchat) on this wonderful topic. Thank you – Kumud

Dr. Christy Johnson (@IntuitiveHeal on Twitter)