We had been hoping for rain for days so that we would find some relief from the heavy humidity and sauna-like weather which was making the air conditioning run around the clock. Be careful what you ask for – or be more precise about what you ask for.

Our request was answered by the long-distance impact of the hurricane that came ashore in the Gulf. Friday was a day of violent thunderstorms passing through, rocket-launch like thunder and cracks of lightning that struck close enough to make the heart jump. The streets outside were flooded to the extent that the tree lawn was submerged, the sump pump was running non-stop in the basement, and I sat on the floor holding the older puppy wrapped in a blanket. He hates thunder and lightning because it makes him anxious – being held is the one thing that calms him down a bit.

And then, after it was all done, and nature had had its say and moved on, there was a stillness. It was a different kind of stillness that precedes the storm. It was different in the sense that it felt like the tension of anticipation had all been exhaled and that there was now silence in nature’s heart. Something akin to that which is felt after a deep meditation in our heart.

And yet, there is something deeper that can be felt in the experience of a huge storm. Just like thunderstorms ionize the air and make the environment fresh and clean, inner storms can ionize our awareness and bring us to the heart of silence.

The heart of silence is the core where deep peace resides. We can see, hear and feel silence’s heart when we watch the puppies sleep the deep sleep, on their back, all four legs raised skywards, breathing peace. We mirror silence’s heart when we pause for the few moments when the Sun is emerging above the horizon at sunrise and just starting to submerge below the horizon at sunset.

There is no storm powerful enough to make us forget that the heart of silence is our spiritual core. It is in the silent heart that the seeds of love, inner peace, kindness, grace, service, and lightness grow and flourish as they are nourished by the vibrations of thunder, electricity of lightning and waters of life’s storms.

Look for the storms. Maybe even ask for them. And then watch as your core transforms the storm’s energy to transport you to the heart of silence.

Have a good trip, and stay safe. Namaste.


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Waiting for the storm… morning dew on flowers