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Snowflakes! I am waking up to snowflakes! This was my first thought as I emerged from the stillness and peace that has enveloped me in today’s hour of meditation — a habit that has sustained me well for the past few years, and greatly helped improve my overall inner condition.

Meditation has inspired an attitude that distracts me from pessimism and orients me towards the unfettered beauty of the inner and outer world that I live in. It inspires me to be mindful of, and mind my ‘inner condition’, as reflected by the state of my heart. Meditation has guided me to love those who are easy to love, and be patient with those who aren’t so easy to love.

With sustained practice, it’s easy to be in a condition of equanimity when we are by ourselves. And yet, we live and engage with a world of people with hugely varying states of ‘inner conditions’. My inner condition can thus change quickly, with worldly ‘triggers’. Sometimes , this happens as soon as I step out of my meditative state. So why even meditate, I used to ask? This, in turn, led me to ask more questions.

What are the sources of these triggers that disrupt my peaceful inner condition attained during meditation? Do these triggers repeat themselves? What additional work can I do, to preserve my meditative condition of lightness, as I traverse my daily worldly life?

As is often the case, the answers come from the heart’s being in a receptive, loving, observing condition. Be easy to love, and love with a light touch. Bring joy from a distance, and embrace lightly in connection. Celebrate your uniqueness as you delight in your travels. Dance in the wind, let it twist and twirl you along the way.

Ah. The lessons in observing the life and conditions of a snowflake!


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Snowflakes… teachers about our inner condition…