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Spiritual journeys and destinations (by Meredith Bouvier)

What is the role of a destination in our spiritual journey? Is it even necessary? Or important? 

As I think on these questions, I remember some of the spiritual journeys I have taken in life. Some didn’t start off as a spiritual journey, but became one. Others, were aligned with life journeys, such as a relationship, or a big move, college, being a part of a community, or during a trip of some sort. And then some were intentional spiritual journeys- studying and learning things I’m passionate about, and journeys within.

I think about the destination of these journeys- I remember some of the original destinations I had in mind, and most of the time the destination I reached was far different than the intended destination. A move to NYC to find a new life for me in New York, led to me finding a new life back home in Massachusetts. A visit to a meditation retreat to learn how to become a super meditator, and the result was the pride of an accomplishment and a testament to my tenacity and adaptability, a chronic sense of peace.

The role of the journey is not often questioned. The journeys shape who we become. They are our lives, our struggles, our memories, big truths and hard decisions. But what initiates the journey? Is it a destination we seek? And when do we consider our journey complete? Must there be a destination? 

As I prepare for a spiritual journey to explore the beauty of Scotland as well as a journey within next week, I invite you to explore your spiritual journeys and destinations with me on Sunday for #spiritchat


Author Bio: Hiiii! I’m Meredith Bouvier : Cheerleader for love, kindness warrior, seeker of truth, a masterpiece and a work in progress. Most adored and important roles in life are leader, friend and mentor. Spreading love, kindness, light and humor on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat @merryb923 💕✨

Kumud’s note: I am excited and grateful that Meredith, a #SpiritChat participant for about ten years or so, is going to host the weekly chat on Sunday, April 3 2022 at 9amET. Please do join her for this wonderful journey! Namaste – @AjmaniK

What role, if any, can companions play in our journeys?