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It begins with a silent, almost imperceptible drizzleā€¦ maybe a leaf or two from every other tree šŸŒ² or so, as their soundlessness matched the sun filtering through the leaves on its ascent upwards in the morning hours, creating infinite patterns of yellow and gold with the multitudes of shapes and sizes still very much present on the branchesā€¦

The overcast nature of the morning creates even more variations as the transitioning clouds modulate the light intensity that comes through the forestā€¦ you look up from your pause near the vintage house and notice the tallness that you have been waking amidstā€¦

The mosquitoes trailing you have finally left you aloneā€¦ have you ever noticed how a single mosquito will bite you multiple times even before you realize the bumps on your neck, your jaw and your ear? Someone had once asked me – what purpose do mosquitoes even serve? I said then that Iā€™d get back to them. Today, I realized that they perhaps exist to teach us persistence? And yet I digressā€¦

Let me get back to transitions. They are everywhere, they appear in all forms, and we would be dead in no time without them. And yet we often resist them, because we either arenā€™t ready for the unexpected ones or we take the routine ones for grantedā€¦

We may resist transitions because we may associate them with turbulent experiences in our lives. While that may be our past, it doesnā€™t have to be our present. For one, we can choose a different past, in the sense that we can ask – what did we learn from that previous transition, inspire of the turbulence that it brought our way?

In Vedic practice, the times of natureā€™s daily transitions, turbulence and all, are considered to be optimal times to pause, rest, reflect and prepare for the next phase of the day. You may recognize them as sunrise and sunset, dawn and dusk, and such. The rate of energy transfer between the layers of existence is said to be highest during these timesā€¦

And just as I finish my walk, jotting down my thoughts for this post, a gust of breeze brings down a multitude or so leaves. I look up and the Sun is still at play with its backlighting of the trees. Now that I am fully awake, I am aware that I better not stand still too long or else the mosquitoes will find me, the lone human in a quarter mile radius around the lake which is partly covered with thick algae. Itā€™s a living lake – the algae will be taken care of by the next big rainstormā€¦

Living Transitions. How do we best do that? Perhaps we can be more aware of them, accept them, find joy in them and live our best life amid them. Need some hints?

Look within the moment. Whatā€™s transitioning? Whatā€™s remaining still? Whatā€™s lightening you? Whatā€™s enlivening you?

Until next time. Be well.


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One hydrangea cluster continues living its best lifeā€¦ amid the transition to autumn