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Nothing is permanent, the only guarantee in life is that there will be change, and that things come and they go. As this presents challenges in our lives, it also encourages growth and reveals opportunities. 

Although the word “struggle” usually has a negative connotation, it really is just a sign of growth and evolution. It is an invitation to show up for life and discover what is meaningful, and which gifts you possess. It is an opportunity to use your superpowers.

What kind of superpowers do you possess? How did you find them? What are some superpowers that you admire in others? How do they demonstrate these powers? These are questions that could never be answered without struggles, and they reveal so much beauty in our world. The fact that we must struggle makes the world more beautiful. 

When life is looking dreary and lacks luster, it may be time to invite a struggle. Whether it is releasing a toxic relationship, finding more meaningful work, or adjusting your priorities, there is something that must change to bring color back into your life, to shake things up and look for a new path to walk. Remember, everything is temporary, this too shall pass, just be present. 

Looking forward to #spiritchat tomorrow to discuss the Beautiful Struggle. 

💖 MerryB

The beautiful struggle depicted by the angry sea on a stormy day (Wells, Maine)

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