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Some mornings, the beauty and the stillness and the majesty simply engulfs and envelops and immerses you in ways you would or could scarcely imagine.

The combination of the light, the stillness, the warmth, the layers of sounds and colors and life happenings come at you from so many directions as summer visits spring, albeit briefly, a bit earlier than usual.

It is one of those days where you have somewhat put your grand search in suspended animation to subconsciously mimic within what you are observing with your senses of sight, hearing, smell, touch, and even taste being activated simultaneously by the stillness of new life emerging around you.

You are watching the sky transitioning into the same crystal blue that is reflecting in the pond partially covered with algae as the sun rises above the crab-apple and cottonwood trees and you catch yourself getting too close to the edge of the lake where a mother goose sitting on her eggs is watching you in stillness with half closed eyes.

There is a grandiosity about it all which would perhaps rival the great palaces of ancient times, all conjured by the energy of a morning on a trail that you have walked many a time in many seasons and yet, today, in this hour, it all looks different because you sense that the observer isn’t really making any effort to observe – the searching, the fighting or flighting has melted away for a while and all that remains is the floating.

It is when we meet effortlessness on the path, our walk – and sometimes it happens when we aren’t intentional about being effortless; maybe it can truly only happen when we are unintentional about it – that we come face to face with the realization fed by submerging in what is all around us, all encompassing, without form, without definition, beyond time and space and division- that our grand search in nature is about our effort to find that One in the many that already exists within us.

Maybe we need to stop trying so hard to meet That who has been patiently waiting for us ~ to drop our senses, or at least merge all of them so that we can be immersed in the awareness that our search is already complete. Perhaps all we need to do is let ourselves be awakened from our dream that we, the beloved, with all the tenderness of the dew drops of the world within us, are somehow separate from the ocean.

How much effort is that search, that awakening, really going to take?

Spring blooms everywhere on my path…


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