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I am walking the shore, looking at all the trees that have already shed all their blooms, when I suddenly come upon a late bloomer. It is full of the fragrance that I first felt, that announced its presence to me, invited me to visit with her. As I get closer, I take my sun-glasses off to view the astonishing sight created by this single tree. It is nonchalantly shedding blooms with every breath, not only onto the ground but also onto the heavy green algae sitting in the lake. The surface of the water is a triple layer of barely visible blue, covered by heavy green, and a carpet of fragrant white lightness covering it all like frosting in a cake. And the frosting is fragrant!

The resident blackbirds have spotted me now, and are creating a big ruckus, perhaps alerting the geese family with their newborns who are growing rapidly to adulthood, about the arrival of the ‘Friday Morning Walker’s’ intrusion. My heart has been captured by the tapestry in the water, and I move a few hundred yards to the opposite shore to get a better view of it all. The breeze picks up a bit on this warming morning, and every so often, the combination creates an ethereal shower of white on the water, whose thickness is starting to match the green algae underneath.

From my new vantage point on the other shore, I can see a second tree in the distance which has created its own field of white in the lake waters below it. The fragrance of the two, located about fifty feet from each other, is combining to create a new sense of harmony in the stillness. The heartbeats of the two trees seems to permeate everything that they do, including the giving with joy of the very blooms that make them so radiant and fragrant.

Is that what I am meant to absorb and take away from the walk this morning — to remember that the heartbeat of Mother Nature, of a Mother, is to bloom for all, to send life-giving energy to all in the world who are receptive to it?

I can stand here all morning and just observe my own heartbeat slow down and synchronize with that of the petals now seemingly falling in suspended animation. I think I will do just that. It feels good to harmonize with the fragrance and the unstruck sound of the universal Mother’s heartbeat.

Let the world wait.


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