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As the month of July comes to a close and I look over the discussions over the past four Sundays, we seem to have covered a wide range of topics – freedom, prosperity, self-discipline and oneness (unity). For those of you who have been with the #SpiritChat community for more than a month, you know that the final Sunday of the month is when we “slow down” a bit. We “slow down” to review the month gone by, and try to tie together the threads of conversations from our weekly Sunday chats. We “slow down” to reflect, and plan our actions for the new month coming ahead.

So, this final Sunday of July will be not be much different. We will “slow down” to reflect on July, plan for August. We will reflect on the connections between freedom and prosperity. We will talk about the role of self-discipline in creating prosperity. We may also talk about freedom and the spirit of Oneness and unity. Above all, we will gather for an hour and say hello, listen to each other’s heart and spirit, build on our friendships and relationships.

For that is what #SpiritChat is all about. The camaraderie. The Alohas. The Mahalos. The Namastes. The Smiles. The “hello, how was your week”. The “it’s great to see you”. The “oh, it’s so wonderful to hear that”. The “enjoy your Sunday”. The “have a great week ahead”. It is about the knowing that there are real people, from across the world, with diverse social and ethnic backgrounds, different beliefs and religions – who can gather in a space and have a meaningful conversation about any spiritual topic.

It is the spirit of connection, with heart and spirit.

Perhaps that is why, as we complete our first year and I look back to July 31st 2011, the date of the first weekly #SpiritChat – it is perhaps appropriate that the topic was – “On Slowing Down”. I want to take the opportunity and express my gratitude to every single person who has slowed down to support #SpiritChat over the past year – you all know who you are. I hope that you have made some new friends and grown in spirit with all of us. I know for sure that I have gained tremendously in many areas of my life – so, I thank you all.

Join us in our weekly twitter chat (with hashtag #SpiritChat) at our regular hour of 9am ET on Sunday July 29th and share your thoughts about July, and plans for August. I invite you to come and “slow down” with us. Namahalo!