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This Sunday, a special friend of mine, @EmeliaSam will step up to host the weekly #spiritchat on twitter. The topic will be “On Dreams and Change”. The subject of “Dreams” is inspired by Martin Luther King Jr (January 20th is MLK Jr Day in the USA) and the meme of Change is ever-present in our conversations.

I hope you will join EmeliaSam on Sunday, January 19th at 9amET on twitter for a lively conversation.

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The #storify summary of the chat can be found at http://storify.com/ajmanik/dreams-and-change-a-spiritchat-conversation – Enjoy! The full transcript (#hashtracking report) is also available at https://www.hashtracking.com/reports/spiritchat/spiritchat/dreams – 121 contributors, 1572 tweets, 392K reach, 6.8M deliveries.

Q1. What is a dream or life-vision? Do all of us need one? #spiritchat

Q2. Where does a dream come from? Can it be acquired or cultivated? #spiritchat

Q3. Are there any drawbacks or challenges to having a dream or vision? #spiritchat

Q4. What does it take to accomplish a dream? Action? Knowledge? Or… #spiritchat

Q5. Does having a dream inspire change? Or does a desire to change create a dream? #spiritchat

Q6. What is the connection between knowledge, dreams and change? #spiritchat

Q7. Can you name a ‘dreamer’ who had a major impact on your life? How did they impact you? #spiritchat