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Dear #SpiritChat Community,

This week we’ve been invited to have a conversation about the energy of the heart.

The heart is at the center point of all beings – Where the energies converge, where the 7 chakras meet, where you connect with self and one another.

We invite you to, in preparation for this Sunday’s chat, take a moment to breathe, connect with your heart space, focus on your heart and ask: how does it feel in this moment?

Does it feel full, energized, connected, filled with love? Does it feel depleted, drained, lonely, craving attention? This is a simple check in to feel the heart and connect for a moment. Then you could ask – what does it need?

It may simply need to have its presence acknowledged. It may need you to practice receiving the nurturing and love it is sending you. It may need you to send love to it, and to find ways to replenish its energies.

Whatever answers you get, be gentle, kind and compassionate towards your heart and towards yourself. If it resonates for you, repeat this exercise as needed, take a moment to listen to your heart’s wisdom, and respond accordingly.


Your #SpiritChat’s Heart Space.

(Letter written by Elisa Balabram @womenandbiz)

Bio: Elisa Balabram (@womenandbiz) is an Intuitive Business and Life Coach, a teacher, a writer, and the author of “Ask Others, Trust Yourself – The Entrepreneurial Woman’s Key to Success”. You can read her blog and learn more about her at www.askotherstrustyourself.com. Do connect with Elisa at her Facebook Page titled Intuitive Business and Life Coaching.

We continue the month of June with our #energy theme. I invite you to join my co-host in the spotlight, Elisa Balabram (@womenandbiz) and me (@AjmaniK) on twitter in hashtag #SpiritChat (or via the web at http://chat.spiritchat.org – Sunday June 12th 2016 at 9amET / 2pm UK / 6:30pm India, as we explore this topic of “Energy of the Heart” in the context of spirituality. Thank you. – Kumud.