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What is it about some people that they have the ability to keep their wits about them and operate in great clarity, as others around them are clouded, even frozen, in commotion and confusion? Are some people the beneficiaries of a natural propensity towards clarity while others are susceptible, vulnerable to commotion? What brings out your “clarity response” and fuels it? Are you mostly a “worrier” or a “warrior”?

I wondered about these questions following an incident last Saturday, where there was an emergency medical situation during a lecture that I was attending. A (very) small percentage of those present were energized into action and exhibited an almost abnormal level of clairty, while an equally small percentage were observed to be adding to the commotion and confusion of the situation. The cardiologist who happened to be in the audience evaluated and performed CPR, one of the organizers ran into the adjacent building to procure an AED, one (or more?) person(s) called EMS, the speaker gathered the rest around and spoke calming words and some prayers…

It all worked out well in the end – the patient, who had no pulse for almost two minutes a few hours earlier, walked out of the ER that same afternoon. I know, because I went in the EMS van with them to the ER. And I was there to drive them home later that afternoon. In the midst of a lot of commotion and confusion, I felt an immense sense of clarity take hold of me as the events were unfolding. It was as if a clear conduit of energy was feeding me, guiding me, instructing me on exactly what to do at what moment in time. A bit surreal, but now I can relate a bit to those stories where people find “superhuman strength” in crisis…

As I tried to process and analyze why I had responded with such decisiveness and clarity in those hours. I am usually a patient “wait and see” rather than “jump in with both feet” kind of person. I am most comfortable when being in the background, fading into the dust, rather than leading the charge. But, I saw a different side of me emerge on that day. Maybe it was the fact that a life was on the line, and the price for commotion or confusion was unacceptably high. Or maybe it is my recently spiritual practice – primarily my daily #meditation – that fills the reservoir of awareness with the fuel of clarity by transcending the monkey mind full of thoughts – fueled the “take action with immense clarity” in those hours.

We have often heard that we are unaware of our strengths until we are tested. I posit that our daily spiritual practice(s) fill our reservoirs with awareness and clarity, with an inner resilience that can surprise us when we have occasion to draw from it. Clarity of action does not happen by accident. Just like any other skill, it is a skill that can be acquired by diligent practice.

Your loving alertness is a lantern
Keep it protected from wind
that makes it crazy.

Instead of that airy commotion
live in the water that gently cools
as it flows. Be a helpful friend,
and you will become a green tree
with always new fruit,
always deeper journeys into love.

– Rumi (“New Blossoms”)

We can find a path that leads us away from constant confusion and commotion. Some day you may find yourself part of a team saving a life. Who knows – it may even be your own.

Kumud @AjmaniK

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