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Their first assignment in social-studies and language-arts class this school year was to write a poem titled “I’m From…”. The purpose was to examine their own identity and culture, and perhaps make them aware of their unique place in the world. On reading her beautiful poem, I was so inspired that I asked myself the same question – where am I from?

I share with you the result, which is a work in progress.. and I invite you to ask the same question – and maybe even write a similar poem and share a bit of your story of origin with us.

I am from Shiva and Shakti…
From temple bells ringing through the night in celebration
And walking barefoot up mountain trails to pay homage to Devi.

I am from Vijay of Rawalpindi and Ruma of Lahore…
From flying over the himalayas in transport planes to plateaus of Ladakh in summers
And three-day long train trips across the Gangetic plains and Assam to Arunachal in winters.

I am from so many brothers and sisters…
From envelopes stuffed with threads of love traveling across continents.
And crying tears in farewell and welcoming at airport terminals across the world.

I am from the friendship of the five…
From the four Ks and the one M that represent fire, water, earth, wind and space
And the bond that transcends space and time to connect us three decades hence.

I am from the One who has taught me to love…
From She who knows beyond knowing the meaning of giving
And the Cecilia who taught me how to celebrate the beaches and Cataratas.

I am from Westlake and Haridwar…
From the joy in hospital rooms where Joia emerged with light
And immersions in rivers where loved ones were released to their final journey.

I am from the song eternal sung in the Bhagavad Gita…
From Vivekananda and the call to “Arise, Awake and Stop Not!” in Kanyakumari
And the heart-filling presence of Joy in stillness created daily by the Masters.

I am from That. And That is my Truth.


What are your origin(s)? Where are You From?

– Kumud @AjmaniK

P.S. Join us Sunday, Septemeber 3rd at 9amET/1pmUTC for our weekly chat on twitter in #SpiritChat. We will ask some questions about our (spiritual) origin(s) – where are we from? what is the truth of our existence? what makes us ‘work’? what makes us cry and laugh? Namaste.

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