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Your Spiritual Guidance System (by Christy Johnson)

Our guest host for #SpiritChat this week (Sunday, September 30th) is Christy Johnson (@intuitiveheal) – I hope you will join her for what promises to be an excellent chat. Please enjoy Christy’s blog post below. – Kumud

We humans receive information almost continuously, be it from our five senses, our intuition, our dreams, our desires, or via introception, the awareness of the inner state of our bodies. Plus we have the potential to communicate with angels, guides, God, animals, trees, the Akashic Records, and so forth. Since the beginning of human time, we’ve been surrounded by information and the quantity has increased dramatically with digital information, worldwide travel, and humanity’s deepening spiritual awareness. So how do we recognize and honor our own internal spiritual guidance system? How do we make spiritual sense of the world that may seem overwhelming or meaningless at times?

Let’s begin by exploring intuition. This amazing tool provides us with a knowing beyond brain-based intelligence. What we believe and use to navigate our lives may begin in the mind with exposure to a new spiritual concept or practice but it either gets absorbed or ejected by our intuitive knowing. Spiritual resonance occurs below our heads and with intuition we just know what we know. To honor this gift expands and hones it, allowing you to inhabit your spiritual life with more vibrancy and aliveness.

Discernment partners with intuition. As we move along the spiritual path, we learn that judgment stops flow because it creates a resistance to life. Even judging something as good creates a dichotomy of good and bad where certain aspects of life, which exist regardless of our opinions about them, get relegated as unacceptable. Spiritual discernment allows you to differentiate between what’s true and false for you personally. Discernment, like intuition, grows and evolves as we do. I, for example, did not believe in past lives but today work in the Akashic Records, a soul database containing information from every lifetime of every soul. In my experience, our evolving spiritual discernment tends to either open more possibilities or deepen our understanding and knowing of what we already believe.

Although we sometimes discount them, our emotions can also bring us spiritual information. Emotions can provide feedback as to how our intuition and discernment currently serve us. While most of us prefer to feel the so-called positive emotions like joy, less comfortable ones like resentment, anger, and shame, inform us how we need to tend and befriend ourselves. Neither relentlessly repeating affirmations nor pushing ourselves back to a positive mindset can shift a pattern as efficiently as tuning into our emotional reactions and exploring the messages they contain for us.

Spiritual development deepens our love and compassion for all beings, including ourselves. In other words, our spiritual evolution leads us to fall in love with our soul-level perfection, as well as with everyone else’s. That doesn’t mean we condone harmful behaviors from people who aren’t acting with responsible awareness, instead we return to the collective and personal need to evolve our consciousness while paying appropriate attention of our wants, needs, and feelings. At times on our journey we may need to excavate our true selves from our masks before we can love ourselves or we may need practice accepting what we already know. This evolutionary path toward love and compassion also depends upon our internal spiritual guidance system.

Please join us this Sunday, September 30th, 2018 at 9 A.M. EDT/6:30 P.M. India, as we explore Your Spiritual Guidance System. Please come to connect, learn, and share around how we receive, process, and act on guidance in its many forms.

Dr. Christy Johnson quit her decades-long engineering career in 2010 to open her own integrative energy healing practice. She has a passion for helping clients evolve the relationships with themselves and others via soul level information and energy tools. You can connect with her via her website http://www.intuitiveheal.com or on Twitter @IntuitiveHeal .

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