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What is truth?

An often (mis)quoted colloquium in the context of truth is – “the truth shall set you free”. So, it would seem that truth has some connection to freedom. If we dig a bit deeper, the quote says – “you shall _know_ the truth and it shall set you free”. So, there is a _knowing_ of truth, before freedom may be realized. What may this knowing consist of? Is it a mental, intellectual kind of knowing which inspires us to be knowledge-seekers? Or is it a deep-seated-in-the-heart, set-your-soul-alight kind of knowing?

The Indian philosopher, Jiddu Krishnamurti, said, “A truth can never be repeated”. If this statement has any truth to it, then it seems to be at great odds with the notion that Truth is often incontrovertible. Or is it that we all have our own unique version, our own interpretation of truth, which is subject to change based on space, time and our perception?

One approach that may help us resolve the truth about the matter is to acknowledge that there are various _kinds_ of truths – the incontrovertible ones that are the foundations of our spiritual existence, the truths based on natural, physical and chemical laws, and the ones that are currently deemed as truth unless and until proven otherwise.

Another way of looking at the breadth and depth of truth is the influence that it has on our daily living and actions. When operating with adherence to (our) truth, we operate in good faith. Clarity in truth leads to purity of intention in our actions, which leads to purity of mind, heart and purpose.

Truth is also connected to simplicity and ease of effort. It is often said that “if we always speak truth, we need not remember what we said”. When speaking and operating in even a small, seemingly insignificant untruth gives us great pain and complicates our life, we realize the significance of truth. From a practical viewpoint, it isn’t the Truth that we shall discover at the top of the mountain that shall set us free.

It is the small, simple truths That we shall choose to speak, to rejoice in, to create with, that shall set us free.

That is my perception of The truth. What is yours?

Kumud @AjmaniK

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Photography – often delineates and reframes the “truth” 🙂