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The spirit is a wonderful ally when it is in good health. It becomes our ‘bank account’ of positive energy ~ into which we can deposit the love that we receive from our friends, family and well-wishers. We also deposit into the account, the love that comes from higher sources of the universe.

However, as we go through our daily lives, we make continual withdrawals from this account. Every stressful situation that we encounter ~ whether big or small ~ depletes our spirit’s account of positive, life-enhancing energy.

Sometimes, major life events like a personal loss ~ of a long-term friendship, relationship, friend, relative, parent or child can make a major withdrawal from the account ~ the account may even get over-drawn. We have reached a ‘crisis of the spirit’.

One way to avoid a ‘spiritual crisis’ is to continually make small deposits of positive, life-sustaining energy ~ by communing with nature, by slowing down, by the joy that comes with serving others ~ and many more activities.

However, many folks are not mindful of the fact that their spirit’s ‘bank-account’ is in trouble. Their spirit has become used to living ‘crisis to crisis’.  They are not even aware that their spirit lacks the ‘reserve’ to absorb a large withdrawal caused by major life events.

Does your spiritual ‘bank-account’ feel like like it is close to being, or already is, overdrawn? If so, your spirit’s ‘account’ needs to be healed back to a healthy foundation.

Come learn how to ’Heal Your Spirit’ with #SpiritChat on Sunday, August 14th at 11am ET / 4pm GMT. The best way to join the chat is to use tweetchat.com or you can add the #SpiritChat hashtag to your tweets from your favorite twitter client.

Please join us. Namaste.

~ Kumud  @AjmaniK on twitter

P.S. If your spiritual bank-account is in excellent health, we need you in #SpiritChat even more ~ so you can help those whose spirit needs healing. Thank you for sharing.