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The dawn of a new year in the calendar always seems to spur people to action – to make resolutions, to set goals, to make plans. Some of us ‘resolve’ to make changes in our lives. To discard what didn’t seem to work in the past year. To incorporate new ‘action’ steps which will lead us closer to our new goals.

So, with all the new energy that comes with the new calendar year, some of us still have challenges in performing our ‘action’ steps. Some attribute this lack of action to ‘distraction. Some attribute it to fear. The world then advises us ‘to refocus’ and/or that ‘action cures fear’. Yes, this phrase can serve as a motivating ‘call to action’.

However, I often wonder – does action really cure fear? Or do we need more than thoughtful action to cure fear?

Another aspect of ‘action’ is the nature of ‘correct’ action. In the context of spiritual growth, what are these ‘correct’ actions? How can we distinguish the “correct’ from "incorrect”? Some may argue that abstention from action can resolve this debate. However, physical abstention from activity is not possible because:

“While life remains, action is unavoidable. Living is an act, thinking is an act – and these acts cause many effects.”

So, while we make our resolutions and plans and goals for our personal, home, work or business life, do we need to be mindful of our action steps for spiritual growth?

I invite you to come and share with the #SpiritChat community on Sunday January 1st at 9am ET/2pm GMT ~ What does ‘spirit of action’ mean to you? Will you be taking any special ‘path of action’ for spiritual growth in 2012?

As always, I appreciate your spirit of sharing with the community. Thank you. Happy New Year!


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