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The speech was called the most powerful piece of oratory in the 20th century. Delivered on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC in August 1963, it inspired, motivated and lit the torch of freedom and ‘equal rights for all’ in a country that had been struggling to find its way on the issue of civil rights.

The speech was titled – I have a dream.

A nation, and perhaps the world, would never be the same again.

As we pause to celebrate the man, Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., the one who delivered the speech which repeatedly invoked the words, Let Freedom Ring, I wonder.

Perhaps he dreamt for us to be free, not just physically, but also mentally and spiritually.

Perhaps his dream was for us to have freedom of thought, to free our hearts from prejudice, so that our spirits can grow with love for ourselves, and towards love for everyone that we connect with every single day.

Perhaps his dream was for us to have the freedom to make mistakes, learn from them, and move forward.

Perhaps his dream was for us to dream our own dreams, and live in an environment which gives us the ability to accomplish our dreams.

Yes, that had to be his dream.

But what is your dream? And where do our dreams come from? Are you a dreamer who believes in the power of dreaming or are you more of a ‘realist’? How do we identify the dreams we should follow and the ones that we should let go?

I invite you to come and share your dreams with the #SpiritChat community on Sunday January 15th at 9am ET/2pm GMT. As always, I appreciate your spirit of sharing with the community. Thank you. Please consult the FAQ if you need information on how to participate in the live tweetchat.

Kumud @Ajmanik

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Q0. Sunday, Jan 8th, we discussed ‘The Spirit of Knowledge’ – how did that impact you this week?

Q1. What is a dream or life-vision? Do all of us need one?

Q2. Where does a dream come from? Can it be acquired or cultivated?

Q3. Are there any drawbacks or challenges to having a dream or vision? 

Q4. What does it take to accomplish a dream? Action? Knowledge? Or… 

Q5. What are some ways of articulating or expressing our dreams? 

Q6. What is one of your dreams for 2012? Do share. 

Q7. Can you name a ‘dreamer’ who has had a major impact on your life? How did they impact you?