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As the New Year arrives and we look forward to the possibilities that it offers to us, we may wonder what it will take to rouse us out of our holidays-induced haze and get going on all those goals we set and plans we made during our retreat. Hopefully, we had some time to rest, recover and recharge in the last week of December, and are ready to take action with a burst of energy…

The experts tell us that there is a short window of time to tap into the ‘extra resolve’ that a New Year brings with it – this window of time is about three weeks. Most ‘resolutions’ are abandoned at that mark in the calendar. So, how do we better the odds of increasing the stickability of our goals and plans past this three week mark? One answer is to make sure that we take more than action – we take loving actions towards our plans.

How does a loving action differ from all the actions we may have been taking in the past? I can think of a few ways…

  • A loving action holds no judgement because it asks the question – am I operating from a place of respect, a place of love – or am I operating from a place of disrespect, of lack of love?
  • A loving action is performed in freedom from conflict, where the action allows one to say ~ I have no conflict in doing this ~ either with me, or with you, or with anyone else who may be affected by this action…
  • A loving action is wide in its expanse, in that it is inclusive of our new dreams, our new stories ~ and the new dreams and stories of all those who may fall into the intersection or our new dreams and theirs…

In short, loving actions are simply a manifestation of love in action.

Love in action only produces happiness. Love will give you inner peace. It will change your perception of everything. – Don Miguel Ruiz (The Four Agreements)

When we manifest our new dreams, our new goals, our new plans, our new actions, in the framework of love, we learn to love our own self. It is from that place of ‘love in action’ that we will begin a journey on which we are committed to love. It is the commitment to love that will begin to free us of many of our self-imposed expectations. And it is in that new-found freedom, that we can live all of the moments of today.

A today in which we take loving action aligned with our new dream, and put love into action.

So, an intent to take loving action may be necessary, if not sufficient, to keep us uniformly excited about our new dreams on all the days of the year. All three hundred and sixty six of them. For, with every loving action, which is free of judgement, devoid of conflict, full of expansiveness, we are making a new commitment to believing in love.


P.S. What are some other characteristics of ‘loving action’? How can we continue to take ‘loving action’ in the face of the outright hostility of others to our dream? How can we support the dreams of others with our ‘loving action’? For more on these, and some other questions, join us in our weekly twitter chat – Sunday, January 3rd 2016 on twitter, in #SpiritChat. Thank you!

Resources: From the archive: Awareness and Action (2015). The Path of Spirited Action (2014). On Spirit-Based Action (2013). (yes, there is a pattern here… :))