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Some mornings, often on weekends and holidays, the temptation to get a few minutes of extra sleep is strong. Even though I rarely set a ‘wake-up’ alarm any more, my internal clock wakes me up fairly reliably at the appointed time every day. No extra sleep for me, as the bell for the hour of morning #meditation is sounded. It is an “invitation to wonder” that has become difficult to resist over time… the more I accept it every morning, the easier it gets to accept it the next day. It’s a much rewarding acceptance.

The invitation isn’t unlike that leftover pumpkin pie from the thanksgiving holiday that ‘invites me’ to partake of a sliver, every time I open the refrigerator door… more on that later.

Yes. There are many invitations that come into our lives during the holiday season. Thanksgiving invitations to family get-togethers. Then comes ‘Black Friday’ – an invitation (actually, hundreds of them!), an urgency, to ‘buy stuff now’. Small business Saturday (a wonderful initiative)! Cyber Monday. Giving Tuesday (I actually love this particular invitation)! And many more to follow as we step into December. For me, every ‘invitation’ is an opportunity to wonder – how will my acceptance or denial affect my quality of life? Will acceptance provide me an opportunity to enhance my sense of wonder, of exploration?

The world’s noise, it’s invitations, it’s distractions are unabated.

What is to become of our inner peace and joy, our sense of wonder, if we do not have a daily practice, and a plan to devote time and space to that practice?

Without a practice or a plan, we expose our Self to the risk of inner and outer overwhelm. So yes – let us examine the next invitation that comes our way. The invitation could come via the virtual space or the physical space. Or even the spiritual space. Take a moment to pause and wonder. You never know.

In that moment of wonder, you may discover something new about your own Self.

And that is perhaps the best gift that and invitation to wonder can bring to us.

But, I digress. The last sliver of pumpkin pie calls. I think I shall accept…


Kumud @AjmaniK

P.S. In this holiday week (in the US), many are on travel, spending special time with family. We have a special family in the #SpiritChat community too – so, I hope that some of you will join us Sunday, November 26th at 9amET / 2pmUTC / 730pmIST on twitter to explore and wonder… Thank you.

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